What are cloud services and managed IT services?

What do you do when as a business owner if you do not wish to employ a horde of people in your premises to handle everyday maintenance tasks or buy expensive servers to host your required services? What about a scenario where you simply cannot afford to buy a server, keep up with the maintenance costs or even manage to employ people for the regular maintenance of servers, or the costs of housing them in a vast room, cooling charges and electrical charges involved?

Earlier, there wasn’t too much of a choice owing to lack of options in the market. However, with several innovative companies like VRS Tech coming out, you can easily find solutions to this on their websites like www.vrstech.com. With their decades of experience in the tech industry, these illustrious and innovative IT Services companies in Dubai have managed to come out with services like Cloud services and managed IT services to make life easier for businesses.

IT Services companies in Dubai

Managed IT Services:

Managed IT service is a type of IT service that is provided by a third party and delivered to the end customer. In arrangements such as this, the managed service provider is responsible for providing the IT service in question and the equipment as well. They charge a monthly fee for the service. There are several types of managed IT services like remote management and monitoring of servers and desktops and many more are coming in every day with the improved speeds and access to internet and cloud services.

Cloud Services:

Cloud services are a type of managed IT services which is gaining popularity nowadays. Cloud Services is one major service which VRS Tech, a major provider of managed IT Services Dubai has come up with, these services are nothing but services which enable you to use various software services over the cloud rather than house them on a server in your premises. This enables your business to save out on the cost of acquiring a server, setting it up, maintaining it and servicing it regularly.

This is additionally more beneficial for smaller companies which would basically not be using a server at its full capacity even if they did have one installed. This helps drive down costs to a huge extent since the high costs of server use, maintenance, etc. are shared between multiple users. To add to it, there is no need to worry about having to monitor the status of the server and its working. All of it is managed by the company providing the service for negligible pricing.


The basic takeaway from this article is that companies like VRS Tech are providing cutting edge services which play a huge role in making life easier for companies, especially small to medium scale businesses and ensure that the services are designed as to provide maximum benefit for the customers. To know more about this service, you can just visit the website www.vrstech.com listed above and speak with their customer care representatives.