What are the Various Functions of Firewall Solutions?

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Firewall solutions in an organization are as important as any hardware or IT infrastructure itself. With the ever-emerging technologies like the internet of things (IoT) where more and more devices, data, and connections are playing a major role; the threat of unwarranted intrusions are becoming even more plausible. A firewall basically monitors, filters, and controls the incoming and the outgoing traffic to and from the organization. It is a device and/or software that is deployed as a check system between the outside internet and the local area network (LAN) within the organization. At VRS Tech, we provide invincible Firewall Solutions for Small Business and various businesses including enterprises in Dubai, UAE.

Firewall Network Security Dubai

Types and Functions of firewall solutions

The firewall solutions essentially help the organizations from falling prey of malware and cyber attacks by the hackers waiting outside for one small blip or loose end from within the organization. Firewall solutions, whether they are traditional or next generation firewalls continue to be the first priority to implement network security to date. There are three types of firewall solutions available according to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) which can be mixed or used exclusively based on your organization needs.
• Packet filter firewall
• Stateful inspection
• Proxy

Various functionalities of the firewall network security systems:

1. The firewalls protect the enterprise networks from the external threats by scrutinizing them thoroughly and permit only the whitelisted websites or applications through the virtual barrier.
2. Where cloud computing is concerned, the firewall ensures secure network by blocking the viruses and malware from entering into the organization premises.
3. A firewall protects the data centers which are crucial for large enterprises by safeguarding their data. It creates a barrier between the data centers and the connecting workstations to provide utmost safety to the residing data.
4. The web application firewall (WAF) is an intelligent firewall system that filters the data block the illicit data transmitting to and from the web applications.
5. The firewall solutions are also capable of filtering the e-mail in order to eliminate spam.
6. They might also help in enabling external access to only a portion of the information residing on a local web server.

At VRS Tech, we provide firewall network security system Dubai for small businesses and enterprises to safeguard their data and network from being victimized by the harmful threats and vicious hackers. For more information on the firewall network security solutions, talk to our technicians at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com.

Why is IT AMC Essential for Businesses?

We provide comprehensive IT AMC services in Dubai for SMBs and enterprises

It is needless to say that that the IT resources like the computer hardware, software and network are the ones which control the entire functioning of the businesses. Without these, the entire companies are more likely to come to a standstill. In order to keep them going smoothly, special planning and optimization are required, Continue reading

Why is USM More Powerful Approach Towards Threat Detection?

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First and foremost, the ground rule is that no single security measure is impenetrable. Be it modern firewalls, spam and web filtering, anti-virus software in single or in the combined form are not effective enough to stop the large proportions of threats emerging day in and day out. However, to battle against the increasing threats, the security specialists have come up with a powerful tool called the Unified Security Management which not only provides complete security for your network but also proactively reacts to the probable threats that could compromise your organization. Here at VRS Tech, we provide Unified Security Management Dubai for invincible security with the inclusion of multiple security capabilities.

Unified Security Management Dubai

What are the powerful capabilities the USM offers on a single platform?

The unified security management is an integrated approach which is especially ideal for small and medium-sized (SMB) companies who lack an elaborate, expert security system. The USM security capabilities include
Asset Discovery: Promptly identifying who is connected or trying to intrude into your network, either in-house or in the cloud environment.
Behavioral Monitoring: Identifying the weird behavior in the network that might compromise the security of the network
Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying the most vulnerable points or loopholes in your network that are most susceptible to security threats.
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): This is an approach towards unfathomable security for companies where the networks are looked with larger lenses to provide security after correlating and analyzing the security event data.
Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS): This is also a part of USM where the Packets, protocols, and IP Addresses are analyzed and studied closely to identify any suspicious behavior right after the first occurrence within the network. The hits the IDS generate triggers all the security measures of SIEM like log events

How does Unified Security Management work towards threat detection?

The USM employs various strategies to correlate and validate the information from its various capabilities and takes a powerful approach to fight against the threats.

1. Correlation and Validation in USM

IDS might identify the potential attack, but the intrusion can possibly be harmless. Therefore, the IDS on its own has no way of validating the threat. On the contrary, the USM alerts the humans regarding the threat and leaves it to the security manager to take action who in turn can set conditions as to what action needs to be taken under specific situations.

2. How and when to handle attacks

There is a dynamic incident response guidance system in USM which has all the data of the victim host like the owner, network segment, software installed, and the network protocols used in the past and its associated risks. This system, in a nutshell, provides the necessary guidance in terms of what actions need to be taken under the circumstances, be it for further investigation or threat containment.

3. USM is a smarter approach

With the built-in IDS, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, behavioral monitoring, and security intelligence capabilities, the USM approach is much faster and effective.

For unified security management services in Dubai and more information contact VRS Tech at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com.

What is Endpoint Security? What are the Various Features it offers?

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Probably, small companies might just be able to get along with the anti-malware software installed in their workstations. But, medium to large companies and come to think of it, even the small companies when they have the threat from the competitors who might be interested in stealing the clients or data breaches, need an extra layer of protection. A new malware in the market might go undetected with mere anti-malware software in the system; however, with the endpoint security and protection, and a host of services it offers, the threat can be easily detected. At VRS Tech, we offer endpoint security Solution Dubai for small, medium and large companies.

Endpoint Security Solution Dubai

Who needs endpoint security and protection?

Today endpoint security is much more than offering protection against the malware. With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and laptops which give a lot of scope for portability, has also increased the data insecurity. This portability factor opens doors for connecting to the enterprise network from a remote location, where the corporate firewalls do not apply and thus exposing the central network to the vulnerabilities of security threats. Employing the several combinations of security measures at all these endpoints of the network is called endpoint security and protection.

What do the endpoint security solutions contain?

As mentioned, the endpoint security is not just antivirus software deployed on all endpoints. It is a combination of security tools like

  • Firewall – These handle inbound and outbound network activities and block the potentially malicious websites, applications from entering into the network. It also hides the system ports from exposing them to the outside network.
  • HIPS System – Host Intrusion Prevention system basically prevents the malicious activities originating from the applications and other system processes by halting them and thus avoiding the critical component failures.
  • White Listing tools – Whit listing of the applications is classifying the list of approved software applications that should be allowed to be present on the system.
  • Patching – Patches can avoid security threats up to 90% of the times. It is basically the gap or the vulnerabilities existing in the operating system. The hackers usually leverage these gaps to attack the systems. Timely patches can avoid security threats.
  • Logging/Monitoring tools – Keeping track of the logged in and offline devices, count of unprotected devices in the network, the real-time operational status of devices, etc.
  • Data encryption – Ensures that the customer and the business data is completely secure and keeps it from falling into the hands of the third parties. It ensures that the file sharing and file security policies are in place and enable them to reach the authorized personnel only.

Endpoint security is the ideal solution for preventing the unauthorized network access, intellectual property theft, misuse of internal communications through personal devices by enforcing IT policies apart from the comprehensive list of features discussed above.

We at VRS Tech provide a whole host of endpoint security features to protect your enterprise against malicious security threats and data breaches. Contact us for more information at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com.

What is Fusion Splicing and Mechanical Splicing in Fiber Optic Cabling?

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Like any other electric cables, the fiber optic cables also need to be extended over long distances. The method of providing extension by joining two or more fiber optic cables is called splicing. The technicians use two types of splicing methods to provide extensions – fusion splicing and the mechanical splicing. With decades of experience in structured cabling and fiber optic splicing, VRS Tech is one of the expert company in Fiber optic Splicing companies in Dubai, UAE.

Fiber Optic cabling Installation

What is fusion splicing and what are its advantages?

Fusion splicing is a method of joining two or more fiber optic cables on a permanent basis using the fusion splicer. A fusion splicer is a machine that aligns two fiber optic cable ends and welds or fuses them by means of an electric arc. It can fuse two fiber optic cables to up to twelve cables together.

Fusion splicing is the most preferred splicing method due to the following advantages

• Cost-effective as compared to the mechanic splicing. It might require a larger investment cost to purchase the toolkit and fusion slicer, but the variable cost per splice for subsequent use is much lower.
• Form permanent fusion of cables with the help of the fusion splicer.
• Lower insertion loss which is less than 0.1 dB, providing far better protection against the signal loss and cable failures. Insertion loss is essentially the loss of signal due to the insertion of a splice in the cable.
Tips for effective fusion splicing
• The spliced fiber optic cables are vulnerable to bending and tensile forces and can cause breakage if they are not protected from excessive bending and pulling. Heat shrink tubing, silicone gels, or crimp protectors should be used to protect them from breakage.

What is the mechanical splicing of fiber optic cables?

In mechanical splicing of fiber optic cables, no heat is used. They are temporary connections between the fiber optic cables. In this method, the fiber optic cables are aligned and combined using a gel, epoxy resin, or by mechanical clips.

Advantages of Mechanical splicing of fiber optic cables

• Mechanical splicing does not require a power supply.
• This method does not require any investment cost towards purchasing toolkits and splicers.
• Mechanical splices are faster as the splices can be made within minutes.
• The mechanical splicing can be done where the fusion splicing is impossible.

Fusion Vs Mechanical splicing in fiber optic cabling installations

Though fusion splicing is preferred method of splicing of the two, the mechanical splicing is favored for indoor use. However, due to the higher insertion loss, higher cost, and unreliable for permanent connections, the mechanical splicing is relatively unpopular splicing method.

VRS Tech is one of the expert company in Fiber Optic cabling Installation in Dubai, which can help you with reduced cost leveraging the advantages of both fusion splicing and mechanical splicing for best results. Contact us at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com for questions.

How to Improve Website Ranking by Studying Audience Trends

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We have already discussed in the earlier article how SEO works and why content is so important for the SEO to improve the page ranking. While SEO strategies play the role of a catalyst in improving the page rank of the website, there is another lead to how to improve the rankings further. Knowing the audience who visit your website and drawing insights based on that, is said to work wonders. Gaining knowledge in the likes of what kind of content the audience is interested in, which type of content the audience, is searching for; developing awareness of the targeted audience can go a long way in improving the page rank. VRS Tech is synonymous with providing versatile SEO services in Dubai, which can help you build a brand image of your own through superior page ranking.

SEO Services in Dubai

Why is SEO important for website ranking?

According to a study conducted by Netcraft, there are 644 million websites on the internet. Then how are the page ranks assigned? Algorithms are developed by the professionals at Google which generate the individual rank for the website and not by an individual or a team. Therefore, there is no way that anyone can know what the algorithms look into, to assign a rank to a website. However, with an in-depth analysis, the web users found some common strategies which help in improving the search engine ranking. This in tandem with the appropriate use of the right keywords used at an optimum level can turn out to be in favor of better placement of your website.
So, now you have diverted the web traffic towards your website through some clever SEO strategies. Now how are you going to keep them interested? Here’s where knowing your audience will help.

How can knowing the audience help in improving the page rank?

Understanding your audience doesn’t mean supply the content that might interest all the readers. The strategy should be to address those potential customers who are interested in your niche services and providing them exactly what they are looking for. Ideally, a comprehensive content to keep the audience from straying to other websites from your website for more information is very helpful.

Advantages of gaining audience insights:

• Identifying a pattern in the audience can help you target them better. For instance, it is important to understand the approximate age of the audience. If it is the college graduates who visit your website the most, the content should be designed to appeal them among the services you offer.
• Knowing the audience can help you what the potential markets are for the services you offer and if any particular market sector is not being addressed properly. For example, if a company hopes to market a software product which should ideally garner college students as well as the young to middle-aged entrepreneurs. You are focusing more on the students while the entrepreneurs are being left behind when more business can actually come from the latter due to their better purchasing power.
• Apparently, even the famous websites like Facebook helps the other website owners in understanding their audience better making use of audience insights.
• Understanding your audience also helps in building a brand. You can tailor the strategies as per the requirement of the audience, which can develop brand favoritism among the audience.
• Having a better understanding of your audience can help in generating relatively greater revenue by targeting them through running advertising campaigns that might hold their interest on your website.

VRS Tech is an established SEO company in Dubai, where we use the most advanced SEO techniques to provide world class SEO services for those who are aspiring for an improved online presence in the market. Contact us for more information at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions – Types of Data Backups

Traditional Backup Vs Array-based backup

The process that describes the storing a copy of the data with the capability of recovering it should the data loss occur is called data backup and recovery service. The recovery or the operational recovery of the data is the restoration of the data to the same location or a different location which can be used in place of the original data. At VRS Tech, we provide complete Backup and Recovery Solution in Dubai for a comprehensive protection of the data. We are partnered with Buffalo and Netgear Network Storage Systems, apart from which we also offer Seagate storage, EMC and western digital storage solutions. Based on the budget and the data backup and recovery solutions requirement, we suggest the ideal package to the clients.

Backup and Recovery Solutions Dubai

Why is data backup important for your organization?

It is the primary responsibility of the organization to have the data backed up for the crucial times, essentially for the period when the necessary insights are sought, but only to find the data missing. Data failures in the organizations could be due to the following reasons:

• Hardware or software failure
• Data corruption
• Malicious virus-attacks
• Accidental deletion of the data

Storing a copy of the data is the least the organizations should do to battle against the data loss. Storing a backup of the data at regular intervals mitigates the data loss. The shorter the interval between the backups, the lesser is the potential loss of data.

Type of Data Backup solutions

There are ideally two types of backup solutions – Streaming Backup and Array-based backup. Let’s see in detail what each is all about.

Traditional or Streaming backup: The streaming backup is a traditional way of storing the data where the data collected from the application/host servers are funneled through the backup server to a secondary storage system. In the process, the backup server performs additional actions to optimize the data before sending it to the secondary storage.

The actions of the backup server include:

• Providing an index to the data for easy search and restore
• Data compression for minimizing the required storage space
• Encrypting the data

While the traditional backup provides a foolproof way of storing the data which also offers the encryption ability to store the sensitive data securely in the vault, there are certain disadvantages like

• Reduction in system performance as the application server has to allocate the CPU space to process the backup jobs from the local or a remote storage.
• With traditional streaming, the large backup jobs can be complex.
• The cost incurred for an enterprise data backup with traditional streaming could be expensive.

Array-based backup: An array-based replication of the data is an approach towards the data backup where the copy of the data is created in the same array as the source. Apart from this, it also allows making a copy in an array situated remotely.

Advantages of Array-based data backup

• The performance is not affected as the primary storage creates the local recovery points with the least impact on productivity.
• Data efficiencies are retained during the data transfer from the primary to the secondary storage.
• As the data storage is not in the proprietary format, it is easier to process the data for easy recovery.

From the above, it is clear that the type of backup dictates the recovery process by far. Choose the right kind of backup solutions for your organization for the importance of the data cannot be undermined at any given point in time. Talk to our Data backup and recovery solutions team for more information. Contact us at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com for further questions.

A Quick Guide To Firewall Solutions For Small Businesses

Understanding Firewalls and its Types

The firewall in simple terms is a barrier set to restrict the flow of website traffic to or from a network. Now, the barrier could be software or hardware alone or could be the combination of both to achieve the results. The entire flow of information should pass through the firewall in form of packets and blocks. Only the data that meets the criteria of the firewall settings enter into the network. The firewall, in a nutshell, stops the unauthorized access into a secured network. Of late, with the increased number of hackers at loose, trying to steal the information for their malicious gains, the firewall solutions for small businesses as well as the big corporations have become more crucial than ever. At VRS Tech, we provide an exhaustive firewall network security system in Dubai for every business and domestic use for a secure IT environment.

Firewall Network Security System in Dubai

Though the primary goal of the firewall is to restrict the internet traffic flowing into the network and from the network, there are five different types of firewalls that are deployed based on the unique requirement. However, one has to understand that there is a certain degree of overlap between the five types. In fact, there are a few sophisticated firewalls that restrict the flow from within the organization but leave more room for the employees inside to organization to communicate with the outside world.

Key Points about how do the firewalls function?

  • They are a single block point where the filtering and auditing of the network traffic take place.
  • The functionality of the firewall is more comparable to the TCP/IP layers.
  • As there are different types of firewalls existing today, the type of firewall that suits your type of industry is determined by the experts in the field.
  • The next step, however, is to identify where to place the firewall.
  • Once the firewall is placed, the job is far from being over. The regular auditing of how the firewall activity, begins. This is essential because there is always a constant fear of newly evolved threats attacking the system.

What are the various types of firewalls?

1. Network Layer Firewall or Stateful Firewall: This type of firewall actually considers source address, the destination address as single IP packets. The Network Layer firewall encourages the particular set of IP addresses that need to be blocked as they route the traffic directly through them. Due to this feature, they tend to be extremely fast and more transparent to the end users.

2. Application Layer Firewalls: These are more elaborate in nature. These types of firewalls host the proxies and perform an in-depth analysis of all the network traffic that passed through it. These types of firewalls are not as transparent as the Packet firewalls. These instead are used as the network address translators as they encrypt the actual address after having passed through the application.

3. Proxy Firewalls: These firewalls due to the level of filtering of the network traffic they perform are extremely slow. They offer more security than any other form of firewalls. In the proxy firewalls, the endpoint computers establish a connection to the proxy and mask the actual address of the initiator. This makes it difficult for the attackers to directly target the system.

4. Packet Filter Firewalls: These firewalls are usually deployed at routers and switches where the data packets are compared to the predefined criteria. In case of the packets and IP addresses of the port number do not match, they are excluded from the list of others entering the network.

5. Next-gen Firewalls: These are the most recent type of firewalls which integrate both the packet filter firewalls and the network layer firewalls.

While this is a quick guide to get a basic understanding of which type of firewall could work better for you, talk to our technicians at VRS Tech for a deep understanding of Firewalls. Get in touch with us at +971 56 7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com.

Top SEO Practices for Better Website Ranking

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Who doesn’t want a good global ranking for an existing website or a new website that is launched? However, climbing up the ranks ladder is not all that easy. There are a lot of factors the Google takes into consideration to assign a global rank to a website. We at VRS Tech, are a world-class SEO company in Dubai who provide services for start-ups and companies looking for a progressive, competitive global rank.

SEO Company in Dubai

Why is achieving a good global rank complicated?

The website ranks are assigned based on an algorithm, or a set of code generated by the people at Google. This algorithm produces the results that assign the rank of a website. Moreover, no one outside Google knows the algorithm and how it works. However, the people outside, after a lot of research have come up with the factors that do influence the website ranking.

Factors that impact the global website ranking in 2018:

  1. 1. Google looks for the links it can easily parse and index. Therefore, the URL’s should be crawlable and accessible.
  2. You have to identify the keywords the searchers/users put in the search box to get the relevant page. Identify the primary keywords and the secondary keywords.
  3. Google has its own technique to bring up the web pages on the search engine results page (SERP) when a user places a keyword in the search window. Identify the factors that are relevant to optimize the web page for SERP.
  4. Content developed by a team or an individual should be linkable and accessible to the searcher and should quest their search for knowledge else, the page is of no use.
  5. The title of the content, the meta-description, the URL, and the other element should be well composed.
  6. Gel the primary, secondary keywords in the content based on the context.
  7. Slow page upload can cause the viewers to move away from the page. Therefore, optimize the page for faster upload and should ensure the users of the secure connection (https).
  8. Try to make the content viral by posting it on different platforms making it more accessible to the searchers.

Best SEO Practices:

All of the following should indicate clearly and precisely what the webpage is all about.

  • Title Tag
  • URL
  • The content of the Page
  • Image alt text

Best Content Written per SEO guidelines:

  • The content should be clear and straightforward while explaining a concept instead of being round-about and non-specific.
  • The content should contain the text the searchers are likely to put in the search box.
  • The content in the page should be laid out well with the subject clearly stated at the beginning of the page, such that the page clearly supplies the demand of the searcher.
  • The content should be unique to the given subject.
  • The page should provide links to the category page.
  • The web page should ideally link back to the homepage.

For our comprehensive SEO services in Dubai, click here or contact us at +971 56 7029840, or visit our website www.vrstech.com.

All You Need To Know About Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

It is on the data that the businesses thrive. It is the collection of facts, records, observations that are gathered over years which can bring powerful insights to the business. Let alone for statistical inferences, the data is essential for most basic jobs like pulling out the customer information. Data loss can lead to a cut in productivity, financial loss, and can also extend up to filing law suites. Data being so important, businesses cannot afford a downtime through data loss. This is where the data backup and recovery solutions come into the picture. We at VRS Tech, understanding the need of the data, provide effective Backup and Recovery Solution in Dubai, just so your business doesn’t suffer any sort of data loss or business downtime.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions in Dubai

In this blog let’s get a basic understanding of what is data loss to avoid the unwanted surprises springing up especially when a project is about to go live.

What is data loss? How to identify data loss?

Data loss is something one or all of the following issues are faced by the employees in an organization.

  1. Data loss is when a user tries to access a file and is unable to do so.
  2. When the files are accidentally deleted or overwritten resulting to loss of data.
  3. Corrupted files.

What causes the data loss?

  1. Viruses or malware could one of the biggest causes of data loss.
  2. Human errors like accidental deletion of a file or overwriting the existing files.
  3. A power surge or overheating that leads to the irreparable damage to the storage device.

How does backup work?

  • The backup solution has to be structured and organized integrated with a wide range of protection methods. The data is always stored in an encrypted way.
  • The companies should be arranged for a scheduled backup like daily backups. However, the organizations can get beyond that for instant 24/7 backups where every file you are working on is backed up, even if it is open.
  • A backup team should work diligently to see if the backup is happening properly.
  • Cloud-integrated backup also works based on the client needs.
  • High-density disk storage works well for enterprises.
  • Employ high alerts for detecting the virus, malware threats.

VRS Tech is partnered with Buffalo Network, Netgear storage, and also with Seagate Storage Networks to offer invincible Data backup and recovery solutions in Dubai based on the client needs.

What are Recovery Services?

  • With the modern day backup solutions, the data recovery and restoring can be done within minutes.
  • Disaster Data Recovery now takes hours instead of days.

VRS Tech has partnered with Buffalo, ACRONIS and Symantec for data recovery solutions.

Though data backup and recovery solutions are two different pillars to achieve the finest functionality in the organization, they are integrated to produce the best results. VRS Tech provides data backup and recovery software as well for logical problems, to protect your data round the clock. Contact VRS Tech at +971 56 7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com for more data backup and recovery solutions in Dubai.