Exploring the Latest Advancements in Endpoint Security

VRS Technologies LLC holds a major pedestal when it comes to the Enterprise Security and Endpoint Progress: The striking part of the story is that if the Endpoint Security Service Dubai is not handled properly, the Enterprise Security might get tampered drastically!!
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What is the Checklist for Endpoint Security Solutions?

Endpoint security refers to the safety of all the devices connected at the endpoints of an enterprise network.

The endpoint devices include computer systems, laptops, and mobiles. The endpoint serves as a point of access to an enterprise network, and it creates points of entry that can be exploited by malicious factors. Continue reading

Endpoint Security: The Ultimate Solution to Organizational System Security

Endpoint Security is the practice of securing endpoints or entry points of end user devices like desktop, laptop and mobiles from being exploited by unauthorized users with malicious intention. It has evolved from antivirus protection to providing a complete end to end security against sophisticated cyber security threats. Continue reading

Endpoint Security Solutions Dubai Major Security Defense

In the current environment, the major source of the problem is the cyber-attacks that require a major line of security defense. Individuals, firms, and companies are facing the many risks of losing their personal and official information. Cyber-attacks are increasing day by day with modern development. Endpoint Security Management Dubai has come up as an immediate solution to the major cyber-attacks. The work of the endpoint security solution is to protect all your vulnerabilities and to avoid a security data breach in the organization. Continue reading

How Endpoint Security Solutions Help in Protecting Your Device?

Now, the landscape of mobile threats is rising as individuals connect numerous devices to a single network. So, endpoint security refers to an approach to protect the enterprise network accessed by wireless devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. To secure the data on the enterprise network, Endpoint Security Solutions are incorporated by installing endpoint protection software on endpoint devices and network servers. Continue reading

What is Endpoint Security and Why Is it Crucial Today?

Know everything about Endpoint security system Dubai: its perks for an organization

Endpoint security provides overall protection to a network from all the possible endpoints. Some of the end-user devices are mobile, laptops, desktops, and PCs. The companies giving Endpoint security system Dubai helps in encrypting the end-user devices to secure the confidential files and data of the organization. Every device that connects to the organization’s network has to go through this security system. In this article, you will know about Endpoint Security and why is it essential for organizations. Continue reading

What is Endpoint Security? What are the Various Features it offers?

We provide Endpoint security solutions in Dubai

Probably, small companies might just be able to get along with the anti-malware software installed in their workstations. But, medium to large companies and come to think of it, even the small companies when they have the threat from the competitors who might be interested in stealing the clients or data breaches, need an extra layer of protection. A new malware in the market might go undetected with mere anti-malware software in the system; however, with the endpoint security and protection, and a host of services it offers, the threat can be easily detected. At VRS Tech, we offer endpoint security Solution Dubai for small, medium and large companies.

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How’s Endpoint Security Different from Antivirus, Firewall

Data is so crucial for any organization, that we work tooth and nail to protect our sensitive data by deploying antivirus software, setting firewalls etc. We take all these measures to guard that data which is the crux of any organization. The thought that we have installed the antivirus software on the server and all the workstations, hence the entire organization is secure; is a little outdated. With the laptops and the smartphones, which are very much mobile allow the employees to login into the company network remotely. This poses a threat to the organization. So, how do we handle such threats? This is where the Endpoint Security and Protection comes into the picture.

endpoint security and protection
Endpoint security and protection is basically sealing all the endpoints including the smartphones and the laptops and all the mobile devices whatsoever with a set of security applications such as Firewalls, HIPS system, anti-virus software, Patching, and Logging/Monitoring tools etc.

Endpoint security is not just an antivirus or a firewall, it is both and more

Antivirus or the anti-malware is the software deployed on a single machine or a group of machines, whereas the Endpoint protection is a bigger picture. It protects all the endpoints of the network like the workstations, laptops, smartphones etc from where a user can enter a network. The antivirus, firewall, provisions for whitelisting applications, detections of endpoints and many more features are a part of endpoint security and protection. In other words, antivirus is just a part of the bigger picture. While antivirus is ideal for home environments, the endpoint security is for organizations.

A firewall essentially is a set of rules defined that filters the web traffic flowing into and going out of the network. It restricts the potentially dangerous websites from entering into the network. Whereas what the endpoint security and protection does is, it performs the other tasks like patching, logging, and monitoring the endpoint as well.

Types of Endpoint security and protection

The endpoint security service is broadly classified into consumer endpoint security and enterprise endpoint security. While for a consumer, the centralized management is not required, the centralized management is the heart and soul of an enterprise. The centralized administration or the server in an enterprise is the key player that streamlines the configuration or installation of security features on all the endpoints and maintains the performance logs etc.

VRS Tech delivers the best Endpoint Security Management in Dubai, having partnered with Kaspersky, ESET NOD, Trend Micro, and MacAfee for the two main elements of Endpoint Security, the Antivirus and firewall. Contact VRS Tech at +971567029840 or visit www.vrstech.com for more details.

How to reduce complexity in IT environment with Endpoint Security solutions?

When a Laptop, desktop, mobile, server, tab or any handy electronic gadget is connected to a network remotely, possibly there is a chance of suspicious malware, worms spyware, Trojans entering into the network that may crashes entire network or server. Also, there is high scope for hacking systems, cyber threats that may lead to entire system’s data loss. Thus to protect the network with proper authentication, is stated as Endpoint Security.

endpoint security solution


Endpoint Security is to protect from unauthorized access into the network. Endpoint Security helps in blocking potential threats causing virus and Trojans. We know that an enterprise has huge infrastructure connected with number of systems, laptops, software, servers and cables. All the data will be interlinked and once if an intruder traps the network and hacks entire data, it will be a huge disaster to the enterprise. Usage of unlicensed software also might sometimes pave a way causing virus or threats. Hence endpoint Security is implemented to eradicate threats causing issues and enable the IT environment free from malicious.

Vrstech as one of the mammoth in delivering endpoint security solutions in Dubai has provided unparalleled services to its clients. Our methods of implementing endpoint security software can be modified accordingly.

What are VRS Tech’s Endpoint Security Solutions?

Through our endpoint security solutions we can prevent even complex threats causing material. Endpoint Security Solutions works independently on particular gateway. Perfect authentication can be provided for both client servers.

Our Endpoint Security Solution provides flexible usage of devices and servers. We make sure that no issues take place in the environment.

With our solutions, we deliver real time experience for your operations.

Under our professional, experienced and customization administration, your entire IT network will be monitored continuously and isolates issues.

Strictly restricts spam or unauthorized access into the network. Ability to manage lakhs of connections to a single network.

We provide endpoint security solutions for MDM (Mobile Device Management) & BYOD operated on iOS, windows, Andriod and more, so that mobile platform accessing is secured.

We support heterogeneous operating platforms such as iOS, windows, Linux, Unix etc. Our endpoint security solutions vary accordingly.

Our challenging endpoint security solutions extend its services regardless enterprise, server, location and network. Our motto to alter your IT enterprise to complete threat free and secured enterprise involves potential methods.

Do you want to secure your enterprise with our endpoint security solutions? Then give us a call on +971 56 7029840 or ping us on www.vrstech.com.