Migrate to Microsoft Office 365: Enhance Productivity and Gain Profits

Cloud migration allows organisations to relocate their data, applications, and workload to a secure cloud infrastructure.

Relocating the company assets to a cloud infrastructure still leaves a few services on premise. Organisations choose to relocate their data and applications to more than one cloud infrastructure for safety. It is called a hybrid cloud environment where data is stored on various public and private clouds.

Businesses can improve productivity, speed, performance, scalability, and data security through cloud migration services.

Microsoft Office 365 is the advanced office tool that is the most commonly used platform to enhance organisational operations.

It is a subscription-based service having all the advanced office tools to ease daily office tasks and bring out more efficiency in work.

MS Office 365 Cloud Solutions in Dubai

Benefits of migrating to MS Office 365:

Cost-effective: Microsoft Office 365 needs no extra hardware and reduces the cost spent on licenses. All the data is stored online with low monthly rentals when compared to managing an on premise hardware setup.

Service flexibility: Adding or removing any new service or feature is an easy task with the Office 365 cloud services. It is a reliable and profitable option for small and medium organisations where there is always an upsizing or downsizing of the staff.

Easy connectivity: Employees of an organisation can access files and resources from any location with the Office 365 setup. Employees within an organisation working from various locations stay connected and collaborate easily. Office 365 provides the ease of syncing calendars, allows employees to work together on the same document, and includes video conferencing services through Skype for business.

Always stay updated: While the earlier versions of Microsoft Office required a physical copy of the software for any updates, Microsoft Office 365 has the option of receiving the latest version and always staying updated.

Microsoft Office 365 allows business users to access cloud storage (One Drive for Business) to facilitate easy sharing of office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from any device and location.             

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