Advantages of Structured Cabling Services in Dubai

The Structured Cabling Dubai is a complete system of cabling consisting of the number of a standardized smaller element which provides a completely covering telecommunications infrastructure for business, organizations, and government institutes. It has six subsystems they are structure, suspension, control, guidance, propulsion, and support. The structured cabling is more secure compared to other networks as it supports to transmit data, voice, alarm, video, or signal through the network. Continue reading

Advantages of Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the most reliable business telecommunications network.

It is so important for an organization that it is needless to say that the businesses depend on the structured cabling for entire telecommunications. It is the network that integrates the data and voice cabling in a building. In today’s world where everything is unpredictable with the life of a particular software is for about 2-3 years, the shelf life of a laptops/tablet is not more than 5 years, the structured cabling has a life span of 10 years, making it all the more important to choose a reliable structured cabling company to have it set up. VRS Tech  is a market leader in offering structured cabling services in Dubai; we have been in the business since 2009 providing our services and making a long list of happy customers in the process.

Structured cabling system

Benefits of using Structured Cabling

Standardized network: The same structured cabling network can be used for phone, Ethernet and ISDN cabling making the maintenance/troubleshooting part easier as it is a standard network meant for many uses.

Longevity: A proper Structured Cabling which is done following the standards has a life span of 10-15 years as it leaves room for upgrades.

Permits Moves, Adds and Changes: As the structured cabling follows the design that incorporates structures (smaller elements), it is flexible enough to allow any moves, additions or changes easily. It quite easily accommodates the changes pertaining to hardware like shifting the phone lines, adding high-speed internet or moving printers from one cabin to another.

Troubleshooting is simple: Structured Cabling being so organized in nature, problems are less likely to arise. However, it is easier for the technicians to trace the ports/cables while troubleshooting, just in case.

Has scope to support future applications: Going forward, the standard structured cabling has the capacity to support applications like multimedia, video conferencing without actually bringing it down.

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Structured Cabling Service in Dubai

Structured Cabling – the lifeline of your organization

We see new developments in the field of computer and telecommunication technology every single year. Devices become obsolete, systems become outdated and have to be changed, sometimes more devices are added and sometimes we need to make changes in the setup of the whole organization due to logistical issue. Businesses are always on the lookout for new solutions which can address their requirements and need for effective, low- maintenance, scalable solutions for their systems.

Structured Cabling services in dubai

The traditional method of point-to-point cabling is no more acceptable with today’s requirement for fast-paced technology and conservation of labor, materials and energy. They create a huge load of wiring, compromising with the life and safety of the systems and cause a lot of issues during the installation of new devices, or removal of old ones, even. Making a move is also extremely impractical and causes lot of down time and requires lot of labor and material. Added to this, the mess created by the wires/ cables reduces the flow of air around the switches and causes heating up which results in increased scope of damage and higher cost in the need to cool the area.

Structured cabling, on the other hand is a much more refined, modular system of wiring which allows you to overcome most of the above limitations without draining your resources. It is overall a much more modular and logical alternative to traditional point- to- point cabling systems.
The following are the benefits of Structured cabling:

-Simpler to manage: Your cable structure becomes much more easier to maintain and any changes like installations, additions and moving becomes easier, quicker and cheaper.

-Higher return on investment: Structured cabling plays the role of a unifier of video, data and voice processes. This reduces the need for periodic updates and reduces the maintenance costs. Even in the eventuality that this is needed, the process becomes much simpler and cheaper.

-IT infrastructure becomes prepared for expansion: Structured cabling comes with  much greater band- width,  which means that future applications like multimedia, video conferencing etc. will be compatible with this system. On an average, it remains relevant for at least 10 years to help adjust to your growing telecommunication needs.

-Increased flexibility: Multiple wiring systems are a huge problem to manage. Structured wiring enables you to be much more flexible since it gets consolidated in to a single entity which can transfer data in multiple formats, and can be dismantled and moved to a different location.

The above reasons are quite sufficient to realize that a market leader is required to cater to your structured cabling needs. Who better than us, at VRS Tech, the leaders of the industry in Dubai with our superior technicians and cheap prices to manage your cabling needs! Contact us today to feel the difference.