Why is USM More Powerful Approach Towards Threat Detection?

We provide Unified Security Management in Dubai for SMBs and large enterprises

First and foremost, the ground rule is that no single security measure is impenetrable. Be it modern firewalls, spam and web filtering, anti-virus software in single or in the combined form are not effective enough to stop the large proportions of threats emerging day in and day out. However, to battle against the increasing threats, the security specialists have come up with a powerful tool called the Unified Security Management which not only provides complete security for your network but also proactively reacts to the probable threats that could compromise your organization. Here at VRS Tech, we provide Unified Security Management Dubai for invincible security with the inclusion of multiple security capabilities.

Unified Security Management Dubai

What are the powerful capabilities the USM offers on a single platform?

The unified security management is an integrated approach which is especially ideal for small and medium-sized (SMB) companies who lack an elaborate, expert security system. The USM security capabilities include
Asset Discovery: Promptly identifying who is connected or trying to intrude into your network, either in-house or in the cloud environment.
Behavioral Monitoring: Identifying the weird behavior in the network that might compromise the security of the network
Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying the most vulnerable points or loopholes in your network that are most susceptible to security threats.
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): This is an approach towards unfathomable security for companies where the networks are looked with larger lenses to provide security after correlating and analyzing the security event data.
Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS): This is also a part of USM where the Packets, protocols, and IP Addresses are analyzed and studied closely to identify any suspicious behavior right after the first occurrence within the network. The hits the IDS generate triggers all the security measures of SIEM like log events

How does Unified Security Management work towards threat detection?

The USM employs various strategies to correlate and validate the information from its various capabilities and takes a powerful approach to fight against the threats.

1. Correlation and Validation in USM

IDS might identify the potential attack, but the intrusion can possibly be harmless. Therefore, the IDS on its own has no way of validating the threat. On the contrary, the USM alerts the humans regarding the threat and leaves it to the security manager to take action who in turn can set conditions as to what action needs to be taken under specific situations.

2. How and when to handle attacks

There is a dynamic incident response guidance system in USM which has all the data of the victim host like the owner, network segment, software installed, and the network protocols used in the past and its associated risks. This system, in a nutshell, provides the necessary guidance in terms of what actions need to be taken under the circumstances, be it for further investigation or threat containment.

3. USM is a smarter approach

With the built-in IDS, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, behavioral monitoring, and security intelligence capabilities, the USM approach is much faster and effective.

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