Who Should Adopt a Cyber-Security Framework?

The use of the internet opens up the possibility of hackers and fraudsters targeting the organisation. It is a major threat for public and private sectors alike. 

Cyber threats are causing major harm for organisations and governments globally. It leads to financial loss, disruption, or damage to a large extent, sometimes leading to legal issues and shutdown of businesses.

With all these risks luring over having an appropriate cyber security framework is essential for organisations.

The Cybersecurity Framework is defined as clear, comprehensive, well-designed plans and practices that regulate access to an organisation’s system and information. It is a policy framework of computer security guidance that helps to improve, prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks.

Cyber Security Services in Dubai

Why is it necessary to adopt a cyber-security framework?

  •         Every organisation needs to follow a risk management strategy before implementing the cybersecurity framework.
  •         A comprehensive risk management strategy helps to prioritize and protect the organisation from cyber threats.
  •         Before implementing a cybersecurity framework, it is important to assess the business environment. In establishing cybersecurity roles, it is important to identify the objectives and missions of the organization before implementing the framework.
  • All assets of an organization must be managed, including data, personnel, devices, systems, and facilities, for a safer working environment.
  •         Organisations need to take proactive steps towards the management of cyber security risk through effective policies and procedures.
  •         It is necessary to understand the specific risks to your organisation and operations.

Who can benefit from a cyber-security framework?

  •         A reliable cyber-security framework is necessary for any organisation working through the digital medium.
  •         Organisations are at greater risk while running their operations online, exchanging information through the internet, and online transactions.
  •         The cybersecurity framework is beneficial for large organisations that include businesses, NGOs, and other entities.           
  •         The main purpose of cybersecurity is to provide data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
  •         It helps organisations perform a robust gap analysis and take corrective measures to safeguard the systems.
  •         Organisations need to follow a preventive cybersecurity framework that secures data and assets beforehand and provides a security layer from unauthorized intrusion.

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