Which Three Security Functions are Integrated with the UTM?

Unified Threat Management(UTM) is a comprehensive security management system where a single hardware or software installation provides multiple security functions.

UTM services consist of the streamlined installation and management of these multiple security capabilities.

UTM eases the task for the security administrator by providing an all-in-one reporting of the various functionalities managed by the system.

Installing, configuring, and maintaining it is simplified; it saves money, time, and people when compared to managing multiple security systems.

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Security features integrated with the UTM Solution’s:

Anti-spam filtering: Email received from unknown sources may contain spam that causes data theft and damage system resources. The Anti-spam feature examines e-mail messages to identify spam. When the device detects spam, it either drops the message or tags the message header with a pre-programmed string. This feature uses a constantly updated anti-spam block list. Sophos updates and maintains the IP-based SBL.

Content filtering: Content filtering blocks or permits certain types of traffic based on the MIME type, file extension, protocol command, and embedded object type. Content filtering does not require a separate license. Content filtering works by specifying content patterns such as text strings or objects within images. A content filter will then block access to the content.

Web filtering: Web filtering manages internet usage by preventing access to inappropriate web content. In the integrated web filtering solution, the decision-making for blocking or permitting web access is done on the device after it identifies the category for a URL either from user-defined categories or from a category server.

Few more functions integrated into the UTM include antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, network firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering, and data loss prevention. Some advanced functionalities include services such as remote routing, network address translation, and virtual private network support.

VPN is to create a secure connection between two computers over a public network. It enables file sharing securely between co-workers, accessing data remotely, or using any number of other services without a fear that an outside party will intercept.

The UTM device provides a complete security system by not limiting itself to computers and servers within the organisation. It provides a comprehensive security system throughout the network and individual users by scanning all the network traffic, filtering unauthorised and malicious content, and blocking intrusions.

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