What is the Checklist for Endpoint Security Solutions?

Endpoint security refers to the safety of all the devices connected at the endpoints of an enterprise network.

The endpoint devices include computer systems, laptops, and mobiles. The endpoint serves as a point of access to an enterprise network, and it creates points of entry that can be exploited by malicious factors.

Ignoring the endpoint security leads to a huge loss for the organisations and leads to legal issues in some cases.

To avoid this, the IT support of organisations must follow a checklist to ensure complete safety of the devices.

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Checklist for an endpoint security solution:

Single window view for reliable endpoint security: Every organization, big or small, has thousands of devices on its network. A reliable endpoint security solution should provide complete visibility and threat protection. For efficiency and reliability, a single-window view of the endpoints avoids the risk of potential threat to the system.

Virus and Ransomware protection: It is probably one of the biggest threats for organisations across the world. With the increase in the digitization of business operations, more and more hackers are targeting the company systems to extract vital information and use it for malicious deeds. Therefore, it is necessary to have a real-time and smart security solution to protect the endpoint devices.

Asset management: Asset management is of top priority for any reliable endpoint security solution. Network administrators should have access to a centralized tool that provides network security status, patch status, application status and also provides application control that stops the execution of unauthorised intrusion at the endpoints.

Patch management: Patch management refers to the regular updating of the software installed at the endpoints. The software should be updated with the latest patches. It ensures the proper working of the security solution and keeps the endpoint devices safe.

Reduce data Loss: With several devices connected through the network, it becomes a difficult task for network administrators to monitor the data usage of every device. Endpoint security solutions help secure confidential data and reduce the risk of potential data loss.  

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