What is Endpoint Security? What are the Various Features it offers?

We provide Endpoint security solutions in Dubai

Probably, small companies might just be able to get along with the anti-malware software installed in their workstations. But, medium to large companies and come to think of it, even the small companies when they have the threat from the competitors who might be interested in stealing the clients or data breaches, need an extra layer of protection. A new malware in the market might go undetected with mere anti-malware software in the system; however, with the endpoint security and protection, and a host of services it offers, the threat can be easily detected. At VRS Tech, we offer endpoint security Solution Dubai for small, medium and large companies.

Endpoint Security Solution Dubai

Who needs endpoint security and protection?

Today endpoint security is much more than offering protection against the malware. With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and laptops which give a lot of scope for portability, has also increased the data insecurity. This portability factor opens doors for connecting to the enterprise network from a remote location, where the corporate firewalls do not apply and thus exposing the central network to the vulnerabilities of security threats. Employing the several combinations of security measures at all these endpoints of the network is called endpoint security and protection.

What do the endpoint security solutions contain?

As mentioned, the endpoint security is not just antivirus software deployed on all endpoints. It is a combination of security tools like

  • Firewall – These handle inbound and outbound network activities and block the potentially malicious websites, applications from entering into the network. It also hides the system ports from exposing them to the outside network.
  • HIPS System – Host Intrusion Prevention system basically prevents the malicious activities originating from the applications and other system processes by halting them and thus avoiding the critical component failures.
  • White Listing tools – Whit listing of the applications is classifying the list of approved software applications that should be allowed to be present on the system.
  • Patching – Patches can avoid security threats up to 90% of the times. It is basically the gap or the vulnerabilities existing in the operating system. The hackers usually leverage these gaps to attack the systems. Timely patches can avoid security threats.
  • Logging/Monitoring tools – Keeping track of the logged in and offline devices, count of unprotected devices in the network, the real-time operational status of devices, etc.
  • Data encryption – Ensures that the customer and the business data is completely secure and keeps it from falling into the hands of the third parties. It ensures that the file sharing and file security policies are in place and enable them to reach the authorized personnel only.

Endpoint security is the ideal solution for preventing the unauthorized network access, intellectual property theft, misuse of internal communications through personal devices by enforcing IT policies apart from the comprehensive list of features discussed above.

We at VRS Tech provide a whole host of endpoint security features to protect your enterprise against malicious security threats and data breaches. Contact us for more information at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com.

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