What are the Various Functions of Firewall Solutions?

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Firewall solutions in an organization are as important as any hardware or IT infrastructure itself. With the ever-emerging technologies like the internet of things (IoT) where more and more devices, data, and connections are playing a major role; the threat of unwarranted intrusions are becoming even more plausible. A firewall basically monitors, filters, and controls the incoming and the outgoing traffic to and from the organization. It is a device and/or software that is deployed as a check system between the outside internet and the local area network (LAN) within the organization. At VRS Tech, we provide invincible Firewall Solutions for Small Business and various businesses including enterprises in Dubai, UAE.

Firewall Network Security Dubai

Types and Functions of firewall solutions

The firewall solutions essentially help the organizations from falling prey of malware and cyber attacks by the hackers waiting outside for one small blip or loose end from within the organization. Firewall solutions, whether they are traditional or next generation firewalls continue to be the first priority to implement network security to date. There are three types of firewall solutions available according to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) which can be mixed or used exclusively based on your organization needs.
• Packet filter firewall
• Stateful inspection
• Proxy

Various functionalities of the firewall network security systems:

1. The firewalls protect the enterprise networks from the external threats by scrutinizing them thoroughly and permit only the whitelisted websites or applications through the virtual barrier.
2. Where cloud computing is concerned, the firewall ensures secure network by blocking the viruses and malware from entering into the organization premises.
3. A firewall protects the data centers which are crucial for large enterprises by safeguarding their data. It creates a barrier between the data centers and the connecting workstations to provide utmost safety to the residing data.
4. The web application firewall (WAF) is an intelligent firewall system that filters the data block the illicit data transmitting to and from the web applications.
5. The firewall solutions are also capable of filtering the e-mail in order to eliminate spam.
6. They might also help in enabling external access to only a portion of the information residing on a local web server.

At VRS Tech, we provide firewall network security system Dubai for small businesses and enterprises to safeguard their data and network from being victimized by the harmful threats and vicious hackers. For more information on the firewall network security solutions, talk to our technicians at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website www.vrstech.com.