What are the Five Initial Steps for Firewall Installation?

Firewall Installation Dubai – A Firewall is the first line of defence against online attackers and is a crucial part of the network security system.

With the increasing use of the internet in almost all the business sectors, misuse of data for online fraud or unauthorized access of vital information has become the most imminent threat to computer systems.

A robust Firewall solution is a foremost necessity for organisations to keep their systems secure and safe.

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Five necessary steps for Firewall installation:

  1.   Secure the Firewall: Securing the firewall by following a few simple steps is the first and foremost step of installation. Update firewall to the latest firmware.
  •         All default usernames and passwords should be deleted, rename, or disabled. Always use only complex and secure passwords.
  •         If multiple administrators are managing the firewall, additional administrator accounts with limited privileges must be created based on responsibilities. Using shared user accounts is not recommended.
  •         Configure a simple network management protocol(SNMP) to use a secured community string.
  1.   Plan your firewall zones or IP addresses: Identifying the crucial assets is necessary for protecting them. Valuable assets of an organization include payment data, employee details, or patient details, or business transactions. The network structure should be planned in such a way that these crucial assets can be grouped together based on similar sensitivity levels and functions. After the network zones are created the firewall zones can be created and assigned the corresponding firewall interfaces.
  2.   Determine the Access Control lists: Now that the network zones are created, determine which traffic needs to flow in or out of each zone.  The firewall rules called Access Control Lists are applied to each interface or subinterface on the firewall and traffic will be permitted using these rules.
  3.   Configure other firewall services and logging: If the firewall is capable of acting as a dynamic host configuration protocol server, network time protocol server, intrusion prevention system then it must be first configured to use the services.
  4.   Test your firewall configuration: After configuring the firewall testing must be conducted for its proper working. Firewall testing includes vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. A proper backup of the firewall configuration must be saved in a secure place for recovery in the advent of a hardware failure.

After the proper installation of the firewall, logs must be monitored, firmware updated, vulnerability scans must be performed, and firewall rules must be reviewed every six months.

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