What are the Features of a Reliable Data Backup?

Data is a vital part of any business infrastructure. The collection of information, crucial data, valuable documents, and customer details are the key aspects of business data. The data collected over the years form a strong foundation for all future endeavours.

This data is made safe, secure, and private with a reliable Data Backup installation within the organization.

Data loss leads to loss of productivity, financial loss, and in a few instances can lead to legal issues.

It is therefore imperative for organisations to have a reliable Data Backup system within the organisation.

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Features of a Reliable Data Backup System:

Backup frequency: Having a regular backup system helps in keeping the data safe. All datasets should be protected multiple times a day with a robust data backup system. Technologies like block level incremental backups enable rapid backups of almost any data set. Rapid and frequent backups help to keep the data more secure.

Align backup strategy to service-level demands: The data stored on a system is regularly backed up helping to restore it in the event of a data loss. The applications and data are both crucial for the organisation. The BLI (Business level interface) and rapid recovery backup helps to plan the backup for a system according to the service level demands.

3-2-1 backup rule: This rule specifies that there should be three copies of data, two of which should be stored locally on different media and one at a remote location.

Cloud Backup: It provides an attractive upfront price point. It is a key consideration for organisations looking to revamp their data protection and backup strategy. Cloud Backup is beneficial for smaller organisations that have less storage space for their capacity demands. And hence Cloud storage is the best course of action for storing all their crucial data.

Automate disaster recovery: This includes the automation of the data recovery system. These features enable the organisation to pre-set the recovery order and execute the appropriate recovery process with a single click. Organisations with multi-tier applications with interdependent servers can be assured of recovery when it is most needed.

Protect endpoints and SaaS applications: Endpoints like laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones all contain valuable data. The advanced backup services help in keeping the data stored on an endpoint securely onto the cloud storage system. SaaS applications like Office 365, Google G-suite, and Salesforce.com also need to protect from threats and malware and also data loss. A reliable backup system helps to keep the SaaS applications safe.

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