What are the Different Applications of Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service for home and business users. It includes office applications, cloud storage, and other features that help users to achieve more, innovate, and experience a secure working environment.

Microsoft Office 365 provides enterprise solutions that are easy to adapt for any organisation.

Popular Microsoft Office 365 applications:

Microsoft Outlook: It includes an email client, address/contact book, calendar, and task manager. The personal information manager helps to manage the information and documents in an organised manner. It can be integrated with a Microsoft SharePoint server to share documents, calendars, and information within an organisation.

MS Office 365 Services in Dubai

Microsoft OneNote: It helps to gather hand-written or computer-typed notes, drawings, and audio commentaries. The note-taking program makes it possible to share the notes with other OneNote users. It allows taking notes on the go.

Microsoft Publisher: It is a desktop publishing application that helps create brochures, flyers, visiting cards, and other marketing-related material. It elevates the page layout and design rather than the text composition.

Microsoft Access: Access is a database management system that can store data in its format or import and link data from other applications. It supports various field types and forms to display and enter data.

Microsoft SharePoint: It is a platform that helps the various Microsoft applications to integrate easily with the cloud. This platform allows teams to collaborate, access, manage, and share data from any location. This web-based collaborative platform is a highly efficient content management system.  

Skype for business: Skype is enterprise software that helps business users to send instant messages, communicate through voice over IP, and conduct video conferencing with clients and colleagues.

Microsoft Teams: It enables workplace chats, meetings, notes, and attachments for teams. It can also integrate extensions of non-Microsoft products. It is designed to bring people and content together and to improve collaboration.

OneDrive: It is a file hosting service and allows the store of files as well as personal data in a cloud. The files can be synchronised to the computer, downloaded, or shared with other people.

Microsoft Forms: It is a tool that allows users to create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and registration forms. Data can be transferred to excel or built-in analytics such as Power BI to visualize it and use for further analysis.

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