What are the core components of a UTM solution?

Learn about the Necessity of UTM solutions

UTM (Unified Threat Management) is an appliance which follows networking hardware for protecting the businesses from a possible security breach. It is a combination of different security features and services. UTM solutions Dubai is known to provide the best network appliance package for the security of business networks.

UTM Solutions Dubai

Abilities of UTM

• The Antispam services of UTM prevent email attacks from affecting the mail-transfer protocol. It filters the emails and stores it in blacklist and whitelist directory. It prevents hackers from spreading malware through instant messages.

• UTM devices hold the control to select a particular application from the whitelist and flag it as usable or not usable. It is essential as some apps might contain malicious programs that would result in a security breach to your business network.

• The firewall services prevent external hosts to connect to the organization’s network in order to avoid network threats.

• The intrusion alert service identifies a security breach and prevents the attacker from getting into the organization’s network.

• UTM provides web filtering that runs a scan through the website for threats and then indicates if the access is permitted or not.

Components of Unified Threat management

Some of the components that make a perfect UTM device are:

• Firewall

All the gateway devices require Firewall as a compulsion. Configuration of a Firewall is easy and understandable. UTM must have a simple firewall interface and must be enabled at all times.

• Web URL filtering

This component of UTM is used to block a list of selected websites. Small businesses are most in need of blocking gambling and pornography sites. Some sites possess malicious programs that might compromise the security of a company’s network.

• Anti-Virus

Having just an antivirus for your PC is not going to help you securely pass through the gateways. Antivirus of UTM device protects the email server and prevents attackers from spreading malware through emails.

• Anti-spam

The function is the same as that of an antivirus. It also helps prevent hackers from getting into the company’s network through emails.

• Anti-worm

It is also known as intrusion prevention system (IPS), which prevents possible security breaches.

• Wi-Fi

A UTM device incorporated with Wi-Fi access can let you control your Firewall remotely from a single console.
These are few of the abilities and components of a UTM device that can effectively protect your organization’s private network from possible threats. If you are willing to get UTM solutions for yourself, then contact VRS tech in Dubai. You can contact them by phone: +971-56-7029840 or check their official website www.vrstech.com for more information.