What are the 5 Components of Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is a low voltage wiring used for the efficient transmission of data and voice signals across the network.

Most organisations prefer structured cabling installations due to its longevity and reliability. The structured cabling infrastructure provides efficient and optimized communication and digital technology network performance.

There are many factors that need to be considered before opting for structured cabling installations. A few of the factors include: the structure of the facility or the building, the floor plan of interior space, needs and work flow of the current work force and plans for future growth. Optimum function requires careful planning and an efficient network.

Structured Cabling Installation in Dubai

Process to Install a Structured Cabling System:

Site survey: The first thing to do for any structured cabling installation is to start with a site survey. The site survey will help you or the professional installer to choose where to run the cabling to achieve maximum efficiency.

Access the building or facility size: This helps in estimating the total cable length required to complete the installation process. Having a clear idea of the building size allows the cabling company to estimate the places within the facility where extra cabling and ducts are needed. It also gives a clear idea of the safety precautions that are necessary to install the cables.

Number of devices connected: The most important aspect of structured cabling is to know beforehand the number of devices that are to be connected within the network. It helps to determine the bandwidth that the cables need to withstand. It also helps to sketch a proper design for the layout.

Future expansion: Structured cabling installations should be done with a view for scalability. The structured cabling layout should allow easy inclusion of any new devices into the network. It should have the facility to accommodate new devices and increased usage without affecting the overall efficiency of the network.

Ease of relocation: The layout of the structured cabling installation should be such that it is easy to shift the entire network without much hassle. It should allow the cabling provider to relocate the cables without much damage to the wiring.

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