What are Some Effective Ways to Control Data Leakage?

Communication is made simpler through digitalization. But as we transform our business communication to digitalization the need for a robust and reliable solution to protect information from sensitive business data leakage.

Business transactions in the present day are mostly carried out remotely, access records on personal devices, and check in with colleagues and friends when on the go. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi networks, emails, all can be a victim of a cyberattack.

Data leakage happens in three ways:

  • Data transfer through emails, chats, and traffic on the web.
  • Data stored in physical devices including cloud storage or physical disks.
  • Middlemen data is used through videos, audio, and printers.

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Ways to Protect Sensitive Data:

  1. Reliable encryption: The confidential data belonging to an organisation should be protect with quality encryption.
  2. Endpoint data protection: Endpoint includes any device that is used within the network. Login ambiguity, saving files, and screen locks helps to protect data.
  3. Management of email data: Spotting email phishing, screening of content received through emails including texts, pictures, and files helps to avoid data leakage. The filtering of content can even alert insider threat administrators.
  4. Professional firewalls: Having a reliable firewall installed on the devices helps to restrict unauthorized usage and intrusion by cyber attackers.
  5. System and device management: Companies must have safety protocols for control on the use of personal computers for work. Password difficulty, installation guides, application instructions, and screen timeouts should all have a place in your cybersecurity strategy.
  6. Evaluation of security access: This set of protocols limits the extent of breaches and prohibits staff from obtaining classified information. Organizations should also trigger alerts to any events outside the Zero-Trust standards.
  7. Control print and paper documents: Since multi-function printers (MFPs) are normally unmonitored, they have a strong propensity for data leakage. Requiring people to account for usage can minimize the risk of an informational breach. If using a user account and login system, you could restrict certain features and actions.
  8. Protect data copies and backups: Copies of data and backup can be encrypted to avoid data leakage.
  9. Encrypt visuals: DLP technologies can analyse text inside images, avoiding data leakage.
  10. Inform staff: Staff needs to be informed and educated regarding the safety norms they need to follow while using data within the organisation.

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