Fiber optic cabling installation befits as a digital communication paradigm

The fiber optic network has been a predominant network infrastructure which is designed to support the long distance connectivity coupled with high performance data networking and telecommunications systems.

In simple terms, if one goes for an analogy that if you are making an long distance call today, it goes beyond mentioning that it is the fiber optics as a powerful backbone which conducts the communication systems and has been persistently replaced the traditional and conventional voice circuits in today’s emerging digital world. One can understand that, most of the large organizations today have built their network system with fiber optics which could transmit higher bandwidths.

fiber optic cabling

fiber optic cabling

Fiber Optic cable as a core component for installation practices

Fiber optics has been using the LED or the Light Emitting Diode systems for most of the data transmissions from one end to the other.

The structure of the fiber optic cabling installation has always been constructed with sheaths of glass fibers, one can always understand that the light travels faster than any other medium and so is the case of the fiber optics, where the data within the fiber optics are known to get transmitted over long distances within a fraction of a second.

In fact, the fiber optics is more defined towards the greater bandwidth that it transmits and one can expect that fiber optics are known for accommodating and transmitting more than 100 gigabit/sec as compared to the conventional wired copper cables which could transmit 10 Gigabit and that too very much confined to a premises.

Fiber optics has their major stake towards the data centers and the server rooms

As far as the data center and servers are concerned in the current trend, they are both concerned about the data uptime and the subsequent data speed. As the entire world is slowly transitioning itself into a complete digital realm, exponentially the data speed has also been phenomenally rising and to combat this the fiber optics have been constantly emerging itself as an excellent alternative to sustain themselves in this horizon.

The single-mode type of fiber optic installations

The single-mode type of fiber optic installations has become more significant in connecting the internet lines and could transmit the data for VoIP mode of communications such as the modern day PABX telephone systems. The thickness of the single mode optical fiber is almost 5-10 microns.

The multi-mode type of fiber optic installations

The multi-mode type of fiber optics is a network connectivity of fibers which is deemed to be 10 times more faster than the conventional single-mode as these multi-modes are known to connect two or three building premises at one go.

Fiber optic cabling systems have become the need of the hour in today’s digital communication world and there has been a significant growth in the fiber optic realm across the enterprises of today. In this bandwagon, VRS Tech has been a pivotal player in the technology market who has been constantly innovating new trends in optical fiber technology. If you are an enterprise and wanted to bring about digital transformations, please approach us at VRS Tech and call us at +971 56 7029840and visit our site at

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Is Domain Hosting Services have become the most integrated part of the business

Yes…Domain Hosting Services has been the most trending platform for all SME business or personal use.

Digitalization is a crucial part of this era. We can see every transaction such as selling/purchasing goods, payments through apps like Paytm, ticketing booking, online training institutions and lakhs to remember, which are operated through “Internet”- a single source that reaches entire universe with specific URLS, domain names-website address.

What is Domain Hosting?

Mode of making one’s website visible through online portal with internet connectivity’s & data center by allocating proper space on web is Domain Hosting Services.

To bring your business online, you need to create Domain name that resembles what the website is into, brand and all the operations indulged in it.

Whether, the website may be for personal or business purpose, domain name should be informational. While creating domain name, extension is an important aspect, which helps you in identifying location to reach target audience.

Hence, to be success at your business, you should fetch right identity by availing right Web Domain Hosting service provider.

Where can you get best Domain Hosting Services?

VRS Tech is one of the reckoned enterprises, serving phenomenal   Hosting Services in Dubai. As a multi-functional Domain Hosting company Dubai, VRS Tech offer diversified domain services for its clients.

Domain hosting services

VRS Tech as Domain Hosting Company Dubai:

Our services are capable and always rendered with new technologies. We are dedicated at delivering excellence with agile client satisfaction in all our processes.

We impart bulk and individual services with right set of norms as per clientele requirement. We are actively engaged at delivering various domain hosting services such as cloud, Linux, email and VPS hosting. VRS Tech’s proficient technicians offer, secured, authenticated and cost-effective  Web services Dubai.

Regular Auto-renewals are performed. Domain names transmission is done whenever required. At Hacking/misuse of client’s website, we can transfer the present to other domain name.

We make sure that your website speed & hosting server works accurately and maintains high speed, so that users won’t be fed up while browsing your website. Optimal performance of any website attracts more customers which may help in conversions.

Our valued domain hosting services are always competitive in the industry. Being a well-established Domain Hosting company Dubai, we believe in being updated with new technologies and incorporating new methods of web hosting services. Our planned commencement of services gives clear and fine understanding projects for clients along with future roadmaps.

Partner with us for advanced hosting services to create ever lasting value for your business. To reach, call us +971567029840 or visit

How to reduce complexity in IT environment with Endpoint Security solutions?

When a Laptop, desktop, mobile, server, tab or any handy electronic gadget is connected to a network remotely, possibly there is a chance of suspicious malware, worms spyware, Trojans entering into the network that may crashes entire network or server. Also, there is high scope for hacking systems, cyber threats that may lead to entire system’s data loss. Thus to protect the network with proper authentication, is stated as Endpoint Security.

endpoint security solution


Endpoint Security is to protect from unauthorized access into the network. Endpoint Security helps in blocking potential threats causing virus and Trojans. We know that an enterprise has huge infrastructure connected with number of systems, laptops, software, servers and cables. All the data will be interlinked and once if an intruder traps the network and hacks entire data, it will be a huge disaster to the enterprise. Usage of unlicensed software also might sometimes pave a way causing virus or threats. Hence endpoint Security is implemented to eradicate threats causing issues and enable the IT environment free from malicious.

Vrstech as one of the mammoth in delivering endpoint security solutions in Dubai has provided unparalleled services to its clients. Our methods of implementing endpoint security software can be modified accordingly.

What are VRS Tech’s Endpoint Security Solutions?

Through our endpoint security solutions we can prevent even complex threats causing material. Endpoint Security Solutions works independently on particular gateway. Perfect authentication can be provided for both client servers.

Our Endpoint Security Solution provides flexible usage of devices and servers. We make sure that no issues take place in the environment.

With our solutions, we deliver real time experience for your operations.

Under our professional, experienced and customization administration, your entire IT network will be monitored continuously and isolates issues.

Strictly restricts spam or unauthorized access into the network. Ability to manage lakhs of connections to a single network.

We provide endpoint security solutions for MDM (Mobile Device Management) & BYOD operated on iOS, windows, Andriod and more, so that mobile platform accessing is secured.

We support heterogeneous operating platforms such as iOS, windows, Linux, Unix etc. Our endpoint security solutions vary accordingly.

Our challenging endpoint security solutions extend its services regardless enterprise, server, location and network. Our motto to alter your IT enterprise to complete threat free and secured enterprise involves potential methods.

Do you want to secure your enterprise with our endpoint security solutions? Then give us a call on +971 56 7029840 or ping us on

Exceptional Deliverables of IT services Dubai

An Enterprise needs proper planning to enhance its business. In order to maintain proper infrastructure, a company should be maintained under well-formed IT Services, further IT Services drives the company to potential state.

From the few past years, we can see drastic enrichments in business world. The competition has brought many changes and requirements in the companies out of which IT services have become crucial part. Being one of the best IT Services Companies in DubaiVRS Tech deliberately dispatches management and preferred IT services to clients at UAE.It services dubai

IT Services at Dubai in various fields:

IT Services Companies should rigorously deliver wide range of services for Communications, IT and Network securities. VRS Tech as operational IT Services Company in Dubai offers the following IT Services for Companies.

  • Structured Cabling Services: Our method of implementing structure cabling for networks, LAN, W-Fi or to the entire network of your company is designed apparently with unique structure. Our mode of serving unswerving and flexible structure cabling services binds up within any enterprise.
  • CCTV/DVR installations: Secure your company with our protective CCTV/DVR installations. We provide fine equipment with high resolution, quality at capturing and recording the footage.
  • Business- Telephone PABX systems: With our prospectus PABX telephone system, you can manage emails, call, desktop sharing resources connected to appropriate system and electronic messages etc. We ensure proper connection and security sourcing methods respectively.
  • Fiber Optic Cabling: We render exact fiber optic solutions for your enterprises. Our method of implementing modern and effective cabling system that connects entire infrastructure securely.
  • Biometric Systems: It tracks the presence particularly. Our varied support and deliverables of biometric system for work station are always exceptional.
  • Cyber Security: With our responsible cyber security IT services, we make your company free from threats, malware, spyware and Trojan horses. We are tremendous at providing adverse defensive solutions and safe monitoring measures.
  • IT Technology Consulting: Our technical team of experts is well versed at providing technical/ career guidance respectively. We even suggest right IT services for your companies in Dubai.

Apart from these services, we offer enormous services to your IT Services Companies in Dubai.

Qualified Technical Team of IT Services:

VRS Tech is a provider for multi-sourcing and outstanding IT Services company at Dubai, UAE, which is mounted  with skilled and professional team of experts, that always believe in delivering exact & cost effective services to our treasured clients.

Are you in search of best IT Service provider for your Companies in Dubai? Then undoubtedly you can reach us on +971567029840 or

The parameters of fiber optic cabling Dubai on par with the copper cables

The fiber optic cabling Dubai is those cabling categories in which the optical fibers are bundled together and are encapsulated inside the protective plastic coverings.

In general these optical fibers are known to accommodate and transmit the digital data signals in the form of light across long distances without a single loss of data during the course.

The structure of optical fibers

  • The optical fibers are the core component of the fiber optic cable systems which more or less resembles to that of hair-like transparent silicon covered.
  • The optical fibers are generally very sensitive to the outside stimuli, this is the reason there is a protective covering which gives them the added protection for the excellent transmission.
  • Structurally the optical fiber typically consists of the transparent core which is surrounded by the cladding material which protects the core and also maintains the refractive index at optimal.

Benefits of fiber optic cabling

  • Fiber Optic Cabling brings forth greater bandwidth: The copper cable connectivity are the primitive ones which were used primarily for voice communications, these communications have accommodated lesser bandwidth. The fiber optic cables have emerged as an alternative to provide both voice and data transmissions through their connecting paths, the fiber optic comprises of the single mode fiber which delivers twice the throughout as compared to the other conventional connecting mediums.
  • Fiber optic cable transmissions often results in less attenuation: When the fiber optic cable is used for the long distance cable connectivity, there are less chances for the fiber optic cable to have the attenuation or the interference. The copper cables have the carrying capacity upto 9,328 ft due to distorted electromagnetic interference. The fiber optic cables can transmit upto 984.2 ft to 24.8 miles without much problem.
  • Fiber optic cables are less prone to fire accidents: As an analogy, one should understand that light does not catch the fire or any other potential hazard. This principle is more attributed to the fact that the fiber optic cables for the same reason cannot get interfered to EMI or the electromagnetic interference. One should also understand that there is no electric current passage through the fiber optic core.
  • The fiber optics is the testimony to carry transmissions at faster speedsThe fiber optic cables comprises of a core which essentially carries the light to transmit data. This principle of light allows the fiber optic cables to carry signals from one end to the other and are quite faster than the conventional Cat 5 or Cat 6 copper cables. Apart from that, the fiber optic cable connectivity has less interference towards any distortions.
  • Fiber optic cables are less prone to any maintenance activitiesThe fiber optic cables often do not get subjected to breakage. This brings an analogy that fiber optic cable does not require to get replaces like the copper cables which are quite prone to damages. Even though, the fiber optic cables are structurally made of the glass, but damages to the fiber optic are seldom.
  • The fiber optic cabling provides faster connections: The fiber optic cabling is known to provide faster network connections as compared to other cable mediums. They generally provide from 5 Mbs to 100 Gbps network speeds

VRS Tech has been the pioneers in handling the fiber optic cabling for most of the corporate organizations across. The alignment of the fiber optic cabling has been very successful and is significantly been able to transmit more transmission rates. Please approach us at VRS Tech and call us at 097143866001 for more information about the fiber optic cabling. Please visit our official site at

How web development becomes impactful entity in the millennium

One can say that it has become the most effective and impactful platform in the digital world which has completely taken the business frontiers to a next level. In this particular band-wagon, the web development services in Dubai has been considered as one of the most coveted component in the recent years for the most of the organizations to implement it as a part of the core initiatives.

web development services in dubai

web development services in dubai

The market today has become completely online and possessing a website is the need of the hour for any businesses be it the small, or medium or the large enterprises. The website and the subsequent web development services attempts to bring about the most sought after “the lead generation”.

The scalability of web development in the recent years

In today’s scenario, the web development happens to be a broad term which brings in a plethora of services which goes into the overall website development and its modifications.

However the typical web development services includes the following:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • E-commerce website development
  • Custom web applications (which completely works on selected niche and relies on the fixed mandates of the requesting company)

The expandability of the web development with reference to its application

The web services Dubai in the recent years have expanded their horizons and have hence created the epitome of the convenience and services to the end customers which saves the time in execution. The web applications such as the financial banking, air-ticketing which gets integrated with the other third party finance to execute the digital payments to mention a few:

Banking web applications: The banking web applications have been designed for the users to could easily carry out the banking related online transactions without even for need to visit the banks physically. The web services provider Dubai also aims to seamlessly execute the handling the banking process with much ease.

E-Commerce development services: The E-com is the recent edition to the web application services and has literally evolved to completely take over the mantle of conducting online path and has also become the most powerful entity of the century. It aims to create the virtual shopping experience for the online customers who like to either purchase, bid or sell their respective products through the ecommerce site.

The digital wallet: The second most popular genre in the digital payments and digital transactions is the digital wallet’s which has become the core component in conducting the business workflow. The digital wallets have always facilitated the users to constantly remain connected digitally.

VRS Tech has been constantly involved in the web development activities for customers and also works on the customized web requirements of the consumers who wanted to have certain specificity with reference to the web applications. Please approach us at VRS Tech for more detailed information on web designing and developments. Please call us at 097143866001 and visit us at

Network security and firewall have been the enforcement for network security

Network security and firewall have been the most pivotal elements in reference to bringing about the appropriate enforcement and the subsequent deployment of the security policy within the network connectivity in the organization.

In this particular paradigm, the firewall has been considered as a network security device that constantly monitors both the incoming and outgoing network traffic and in this particular traffic regulation the firewall acts as a barrier between the trusted and the untrusted network system thereby filtering the data packets ensuring that data which is further transmitted from the source to the other terminal end points happens safely.

network security and firewall

network security and firewall

Efficacy of the packet filtering methodology

As an analogy, one can understand that packet filtering is an expensive component to implement and deploy in the corporate networks. However, one should understand that a packet filtering method of firewall has a very limited level of security as compared to the application or the proxy firewall system

How packet filtering becomes the core activity of the firewall execution?

The packet filtering has been considered as the process of data filtering technique which blocks the untrusted data packets at the source of the network interface itself. This blocking of the untrusted data packets so that the internal network system is kept safe from any malicious intrusions that are bound to occur.

The packet filtering has been considered as one of the core component of the firewall execution program which is specifically designed to safeguard the network system from any untoward intrusions. The packet filtering comprises of three methods of packet filtering mechanism and once configured in the system can predominantly filter the data packets.

  • The first method of packet filtering: In the first method, the packet filtering filters only those data packets which adhere to the standard protocol and discarding the other. The first method of packet filtering has been considered the most secured but there are equal chances for some of the legitimate packets to eventually getting dropped.
  • The second method of packet filtering: In the second method, the packet filtering drops the data packets which are unsafe and accepting the packets which are safe.
  • The third method of packet filtering: In the event that the filter encountering a packet which the firewall is not able to balance between the trusted and untrusted data packets, it queries with the user about the nature of the data packet and probably rejects or accepts based on the user inputs.

The network security  firewall have emerged as a solution in itself in reference to providing the finest cyber security in the enterprise network system and in this particular trend VRS Tech have been constantly empowering the security coverage to the network system both internal and external. At any point of time if you require the network security and firewall systems for your organization, do approach us at VRS Tech and call us at 097143866001 further visit us at

Cyber Security turns as contingency methods to curb cyber threats

Cyber security has become a major concern for businesses in this landscape and as the technology is growing at the tremendous pace.

Companies often find it vulnerable at certain times as to how it could possibly curb out the potential risk factors when the security concerns are compromised at certain time.

It has been quite overwhelming to know that mobile technology has sneaked among the users and with emergence of companies practicing the method of BYOD (bring your own device). There has been an increased seepage or the security lapse through certain mobile devices which at times causes certain cyber breach which could at times pose to be a potential disaster. In this particular horizon, the cyber security Dubai has turned out to be a recent buzzword in the market today which attempts to curb out this disaster and enable the ecosystem to be completely healthy.

The cyber security realm has become a new strategy in itself which becomes the most imperative and strategy plan for most of the companies and has become the engagement model today.

cyber security dubai

cyber security Dubai

Cyber security as a strategy for the contingency plan

In fact, if one goes in for an analogy, the contingency plan in a company in view of the presumptive security concerns is far better than dealing with the cyber setback with the aftermath impacts. More and more companies in today’s trend are constantly engaging themselves in preparing a proper backup plans to reduce any sort of redundancy

Cyber security has turned out to be the blueprint in preventing major fatalities

One can arguably say that cyber setback is prevented, then a company can in fact save huge revenue which otherwise goes into the practice of bringing back the lost data.

In fact, one can undermine that cyber security has become a major concern for the company as some of the significant portion of the data might be deemed as the most sensitive information pertained to a major financial data which becomes a pivotal component of an organization.

Anecdote: In fact, as per a recent mobile research, the researchers have found two new strains of Android Malware referred as the loupe and Gnat spy, which is known to creep into the real-time firewalls of the company and thereby causing a significant havoc over the wireless network architecture

Cyber security becomes a prognostic measures to curb the illicit entry of the malware

As mentioned above, the two new strains of android malware the lope and Gnat spy, have been proven to be the vulnerable reasons to cause a major destruction and in this particular view point, many third-party companies have been constantly monitoring the nature and the scope of the malware causing destruction to numerous companies across the landscape.

VRS Tech have been one of the third party vendor for most of the corporate giants and have grafted a methodology to curb out the cyber threats by properly maintaining the cyber security concerns and strategies. As an enterprise organization, if you are looking forward for such a service, please approach us and call us at 0971 4 3866012 and visit us at

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Cyber Security the governing enforcement to secure the IT ecosystem

In the recent times, the digital world is cluttered with more and more complexity towards the technological advancement. This technological advancement has been faced with more and more security coverage which ardently protects the organizations as a whole.

In this particular horizon, the cyber security have been the most pro-active component which integrates the best of technologies, processes and the definitive strategies which are put in place to protect the systems, network infrastructure and most importantly the data from the cyber-attacks.

cyber security dubai

cyber security dubai

Approaches that reduces the risk of cyber attacks

Cyber security measures have always played a key role in securing the enterprise organizations towards the presumable cyber-attacks and constantly keep the organization safe from any sort of unauthorized intrusions made by the hackers who aim to create havoc to the computer systems, network infrastructure and most importantly the crucial data.

Modalities of cyber-securities

Cyber-security has always been carried out as a preventive methodology which is being enforced in the organization where there is more susceptibility of data which is stolen or attacked. The cyber-security is an analysis done to understand the risks involved to the organization through viruses, malware and other such malicious intrusions.

Three prominent methodologies as the following:

  • Identity management

    : Identity management brings forth the authentication and authorization of the designated persons to enter critical area such as the servers, data centers etc

  • Risk management

    : The risk management is a strategy defined by the management and is often a pre-conceived assessment to be carried out before a prone cyber-security lapse.

  • Incident management:

    The incident management is the collective efforts to bring back the organization back to the normal functioning. The incident management can be put in place to bring about seamless functioning of network infrastructure, end-point systems, client-server technologies, cloud platform to name a few.

Implications of cyber attacks

The cyber-attacks have known to completely disrupt the normal functioning of the organizations towards the financial assets which often leads to the reputation damage to the entity. The post cyber-attacks have always led to certain regulatory and litigation liabilities to the company.

Cyber-security strategies being deployed to constantly remain safe

The intrusion detection and prevention system management has been specifically implemented and deployed in enterprise organization, which has been very pro-active in eliminating the notable cyber threats. The intrusion detection has been providing security surveillance through robust, real-time security monitoring towards the network infrastructure and the servers in specific.

VRS Tech has always been the contender to provide the cyber security in the growing market with reference to safeguarding the IT ecosystem in the organization. The cyber security Dubai has been a realm to constantly gear up with some of the contingency cyber-security principles in place which ardently looks forward to bring about healthy IT platforms. Please approach us a VRS Tech for any cyber related problems and call us at 0971 4 3866001 and visit us at

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Web service provider in Dubai have tremendously perplexed the digital realm

In the current trend, one has seen a tremendous upsurge of technological innovations with reference to the buying psychology in numerous users today.

One of the most prolific technological innovation has been attributed to the kind of web service which has taken the center-stage wherein the numerous user’s predominantly enjoy the pleasure of their shopping through online way rather than spending hours at a retailer manually and exchange few hard cash in hand for a particular product.



The web service provider Dubai has been constantly been constantly evolving itself in bringing in the best trend of eCommerce web design and its profound implication in the overall online shopping experience numerous users.

Anecdote: Given the fact that, in today’s lifestyle, more than 80% of the users prefer to have the online way of transaction to procure their preferred product or services rather than getting into the nitty-gritty of dealing directly with the retailers.

Web services have taken a phenomenal leap over m-commerce regime

In fact in the recent years, there has been an increase in the usage of mobiles for most of the commercial transactions. On the surface of it, the trend of m-commerce has been modus operandi for most of the online selling paradigms.

These smart phones have become the necessity for most the interim transactions and it has come to a level where the users tend to use the device to even find the detailed product information. Hence, it has become an imperative practice for most of the web owners to keep updating themselves over the ecommerce platform so that it is browsed by more consumers who are constantly glued to the internet through smart phones.

Web service providers are always on the edge to render the best of web services

In today’s trend, most of the web service providers have been on their edge towards constantly updating themselves to render the latest trends in the web services as per the psychology of the customers in large.

They have a greater role to play in enabling the smooth mobile transactions that keeps happening on the m-commerce portal, with the advent of the payment gateway systems and their subsequent implementation of the same in the ecommerce portal, it has almost become a pleasant experience for most of the online users to even do the transactions either through the web-interface or through the smartphones.

These payment gateways have also emerged in the consumer market and they have perplexedly being able to process the online payments for the products being put on the cart with their smart phone devices.

The voice compatibility for m-commerce has changed the horizon.

Moving further, most of the web service providers across the landscape have been able to completely metamorphose the m-commerce portal and brought in the new trend of voice compatibility in them. This voice compatibility has always facilitated the consumer towards having most of the commercial transaction through interactive voice support feature.

It has hence become an ardent fact that web service becomes a most indispensable component in today’s online mode of business transactions. We at VRS Tech have been constantly been able to bring about the latest trend in the ecommerce realm and if you are one of those would be very keen in having the digital transactions for your products and services do approach us at VRS Tech and call us at 097143866001 and visit us at