Keep your Computer Secure with Unified Security Management

Unified Security Management is a software that provides multiple security functions. It helps an organization in simplifying all security functions. It helps in full visibility of any emerging threats and ensure regulatory compliance.

Benefits of having a Unified Security Management

  • It can be administered by a single person for an entire organization who takes care of everything from anti-virus to intrusion alerts.
  • This helps in reducing the cost of implementing security measures at different levels.
  • There is also the less chance of having any loopholes in the security management.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface which makes installing it a simple job and also customers can start using it for threat detection from day one.
  • It is easy to deploy and compatible with any system environment making it cost effective for small, mid=sized or large establishments.

Unified Security Management Dubai

Unified Security Management system facilitates

  • Asset discovery: Identifying the people connected through the network whether in-house or through cloud helps to block any unauthorized use of the network system.
  • Behavioural monitoring: Identifying the network behaviour and minimizing any unwanted activity.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying the loopholes and vulnerable points of threat
  • Security information and event management: It helps in segregate network data and analyse the event data.
  • Network intrusion detection system: Scrutinizes the protocols, IP addresses and identifies any suspicious behaviour.

How does USM compliment the above capabilities?

  • With the capabilities USM implements a sturdy threat management. It raises alarm whenever a possible threat is identified. The security administrator then takes the necessary action based on the impact it will have on the systems.
  • The dynamic incident response guidance system has all the data of tasks performed by the host. It guides the administrator as to what are the necessary steps to be taken, and also for any future reference.
  • With the latest methods of threat detection USM is a smart choice for a safe and secure network system.

These features of USM help in identifying threats and control data leaking.

Detecting threats from day one and driving operational efficiency becomes easy with USM platform for threat detection, incident response, and compliance management.

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