How to Figure out an Effective Cyber Security Strategy?

The Dynamics behind Cyber Security: Technology and Cyber Threats changes randomly and unpredictably. Therefore, Cyber Security Dubai Strategy needs to be changed sooner than three years from its First time Implementation. Moreover, it is meant to secure our Assets. In fact, it involves a paradigm shift from a Reactive to a Proactive Security approach!! Reduction in Cyber-attacks and incidents, reduces automatically the harm to employees, Partners, Stockholders, Customers and various intended parties.

Cyber Security in Dubai

Steps for Planning and Deciding an Effective Cyber Security Strategy:

  • Understanding the Scenario of the Cyber Threat: Which are the types of the Cyber-attacks your organization can face and which would affect the most severely? Well, it could be any form of Malware, Insider threats or any Ransomware. Did your competitors face any major incidents of Cyber threats or not? Speeding up yourself with the predicted Cyber threat trends, which effects the organization is also a step towards securing yourself. Analyzing the type and Severity of the Cyber Threat type in the upcoming future is definitely a Priority!!
  • Assessing the Cyber Security Maturity: Selecting a Cyber Security Framework such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology, helps to assess the maturity of the organization in profuse Categories and Sub categories, whether it is a Policy, Governance, Security Technology or an Incident Recovery!! The Assessment should be covering the Traditional IT and Operational Technologies, IoT, along with Cyber Physical Systems. Additionally, implementing the same Cyber Security Strategy to determine the organizational Position in the next three to five years in terms of Maturity should be a part of the Assessment..
  • Improvising the Cyber Security Program… But How? : Tracking and tracing the Cyber Security Tools and Capabilities would favor us to reach our Goals. You need to determine whether how to improve the Program, to achieve the Defined Strategic objectives, which would consume Money, Staff, Resources and Time.
  • Strategy Documentation: Jotting down the Cyber Security Policies, Plans, Guidelines, Procedures and fetching the feedback from the Documentation team is quintessential!! Explaining the Need and Necessity of the changes to the team is of utmost significance.
  • Monitoring and Reassessing Security Threats and the Strategy: Developing and Implementing the Cyber Security Strategy is a significant step towards measuring the typical Progress been made. Once a Horizon of the Cyber Security is collapsing, the sooner it needs to be addressed.

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