How to Align Digital Transformation with your Endpoint Security?

With the growing emphasis on enterprise-level digital transformation revolution it is likely for enterprises to experience serious issues if the endpoint security is not handled properly.

A proper analysis of the endpoints and where they are truly unsecured besides having the right strategies to fix deficiencies is necessary for enterprises.

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Steps to follow for Aligning Digital Transformation with Endpoint Security:

Regulate use of devices: The ‘Bring your own device’ culture in enterprises allows employees to use their own mobile devices and laptops. Make sure every new device that accesses the network is registered with the security system. It is necessary to know which devices are connected to the network as part of the digital transformation process.

Restrict unauthorized access: The enterprise’s network should be secured against unidentified accounts and improper accounts as well as crypto jacking malware and ransomware.

Keep the employees updated: Demonstrate the new endpoint protection policies to the employees via regular high-quality training initiatives. Make them understand the changes in the endpoint security due to the digital transformation, including the safety protocols they will need to follow.

Do not ignore patches and updates: All the endpoint including mobile devices, laptops, etc. need continual security updates for both their software and firmware. These updates play a vital role in digital transformation with endpoint security. Besides protecting users from new malicious threats on the web or cloud, these updates also improve devices threat intelligence, permitting them to stay alert to cyber-attacks.

Evaluate security solutions wisely: Ensure that the solutions selected to protect the business are aligned to the company strategy and provide the protection necessary for present and future needs. Also, it is not advisable to depend on the latest security technologies as being a silver bullet to protect business during digital transformation efforts. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, nor one that can keep the systems protected indefinitely.

Consider external support: Digital transformation can create new risks that cannot be handles by the existing IT support. It is advised to seek the support of an expert IT support provider who have the necessary skills in identifying and addressing cyber-threats. Managed IT services help to prevent threats as well as detection and response.

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