How does the Cyber Security Help in Safeguarding Critical Assets?

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Cyber Security Framework consists of a set of documents that define the best practices followed by any organisation to safeguard its assets from potential risk.

The potential risks a company is constantly exposed to are mainly from external sources that try to cause harm or destroy the data and valuable resources crucial for the smooth functioning of the organisation.

Adopting a Cyber Security Framework by a trustworthy service provider is essential to mitigate against cyber threats.

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Benefits of a proper Cyber Security Framework

  •         A Framework enables businesses to tackle cyber threats more intelligently. An effective cybersecurity solution allows businesses to have a calculated, thoughtful approach to identifying risk, developing a strategic security process, and allocating cybersecurity resources.
  •         A Cyber Security Framework helps organisations identify security gaps, define and develop ways to improve security, track the progress, and implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program for its overall development.
  •         The sharing of the Cybersecurity Framework’s standards, guidelines within the organisation help in better communication which leads to more employee engagement, responsibility, and implementation of security measures.
  •         Cybersecurity Framework provides the flexibility to incorporate the best elements suitable for specific organisational needs, it can also be included with other security measures to have a robust Cybersecurity solution.
  •         A well-thought cybersecurity plan helps in safeguarding the crucial data from being attacked by viruses, hackers, or any unauthorized source.
  •         A cybersecurity system helps in the early detection of any spyware within the network and prevents it from causing any harm to system resources.

The five functions of Cyber Security Framework include:

Identify: Identifying helps in building up a hierarchical comprehension in overseeing cybersecurity to frameworks, individuals, resources, and information.

Respond: It defines the proper action to be implemented on the occurrence of a potential threat.

Protect: It guarantees the conveyance of basic security guidelines.

Detect: It helps in the early detection of threats and the necessary steps that should be taken to reduce their impact.

Recover: The recovery function incorporates proper activities that need to be implemented in case of an unnoticed cyber threat that causes a loss of data.  

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