Get Secured Backup Solutions for Small Businesses in Dubai

Data is the most vital part of any business. The collection of files, facts, records, and observations constitutes of organisational data.

It is necessary for organisations to keep this data safe and secure for a successful business. Data loss can lead to a cut in productivity, financial loss, and extend up to filing lawsuits.

In the event of a system failure, backups are used to keep the data safe and retrieve it.

Successful data backup systems include storing data offsite or separate drives to store massive amounts of information.

Data backup solutions offered by a reliable service provider help small businesses to get secured and affordable backup solutions.

Backup and recovery solutions in Dubai

Benefits of backup solution for small Business:

  •         Data backup specialists eliminate the malware and delete malicious files, and quickly restore a clean copy of your valuable data quickly and reliably.
  •         Administrators with enhanced central management built with role-based access control modules are enabled to assign specific roles within the organisation.
  •         The backup solution has to be structured and organised integrated with a wide range of protection methods. The data is always stored in an encrypted way.
  •         Scheduled backups like daily backups help in keeping the data safe. Above this, organisations need to opt for 24×7 backups where every file is backed up even if it is open.
  •         A reliable service provider offers a backup team who constantly monitors the proper functioning of the backup system.
  •         The service provider suggests cloud-integrated backup based on client needs.
  •         For small businesses, high-density disk storage works well as it stores a large amount of data and can be managed with less hassle.
  •         A reliable service provider employs a high alert system for detecting virus and malware threats.
  •         The service provider ensures timely updating of the recovery plans to avoid any discrepancy in IT infrastructure.
  •         Both hardware and software issues can lead to data loss circumstances. Similarly, too old servers can lead to failure during a crucial time. A reliable service provider monitors the server’s health regularly and checks if the new updates to the backup software are compatible with the server statistics. Additionally, avail maintenance along with security patches and updates for the business servers.

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Our partnership with Buffalo Network Storage providers and NetGear service providers, who are the most prominent providers of Data Backup devices, helps us serve better.

Our backup solutions help users in avoiding risks while backing data from sources like laptops, tabs, or desktops with minimum costs.

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