Data Backup and Recovery Solutions – Types of Data Backups

Traditional Backup Vs Array-based backup

The process that describes the storing a copy of the data with the capability of recovering it should the data loss occur is called data backup and recovery service. The recovery or the operational recovery of the data is the restoration of the data to the same location or a different location which can be used in place of the original data. At VRS Tech, we provide complete Backup and Recovery Solution in Dubai for a comprehensive protection of the data. We are partnered with Buffalo and Netgear Network Storage Systems, apart from which we also offer Seagate storage, EMC and western digital storage solutions. Based on the budget and the data backup and recovery solutions requirement, we suggest the ideal package to the clients.

Backup and Recovery Solutions Dubai

Why is data backup important for your organization?

It is the primary responsibility of the organization to have the data backed up for the crucial times, essentially for the period when the necessary insights are sought, but only to find the data missing. Data failures in the organizations could be due to the following reasons:

• Hardware or software failure
• Data corruption
• Malicious virus-attacks
• Accidental deletion of the data

Storing a copy of the data is the least the organizations should do to battle against the data loss. Storing a backup of the data at regular intervals mitigates the data loss. The shorter the interval between the backups, the lesser is the potential loss of data.

Type of Data Backup solutions

There are ideally two types of backup solutions – Streaming Backup and Array-based backup. Let’s see in detail what each is all about.

Traditional or Streaming backup: The streaming backup is a traditional way of storing the data where the data collected from the application/host servers are funneled through the backup server to a secondary storage system. In the process, the backup server performs additional actions to optimize the data before sending it to the secondary storage.

The actions of the backup server include:

• Providing an index to the data for easy search and restore
• Data compression for minimizing the required storage space
• Encrypting the data

While the traditional backup provides a foolproof way of storing the data which also offers the encryption ability to store the sensitive data securely in the vault, there are certain disadvantages like

• Reduction in system performance as the application server has to allocate the CPU space to process the backup jobs from the local or a remote storage.
• With traditional streaming, the large backup jobs can be complex.
• The cost incurred for an enterprise data backup with traditional streaming could be expensive.

Array-based backup: An array-based replication of the data is an approach towards the data backup where the copy of the data is created in the same array as the source. Apart from this, it also allows making a copy in an array situated remotely.

Advantages of Array-based data backup

• The performance is not affected as the primary storage creates the local recovery points with the least impact on productivity.
• Data efficiencies are retained during the data transfer from the primary to the secondary storage.
• As the data storage is not in the proprietary format, it is easier to process the data for easy recovery.

From the above, it is clear that the type of backup dictates the recovery process by far. Choose the right kind of backup solutions for your organization for the importance of the data cannot be undermined at any given point in time. Talk to our Data backup and recovery solutions team for more information. Contact us at +971-56-7029840 or visit our website for further questions.

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