How web development becomes impactful entity in the millennium

One can say that it has become the most effective and impactful platform in the digital world which has completely taken the business frontiers to a next level. In this particular band-wagon, the web development services in Dubai has been considered as one of the most coveted component in the recent years for the most of the organizations to implement it as a part of the core initiatives.

web development services in dubai

web development services in dubai

The market today has become completely online and possessing a website is the need of the hour for any businesses be it the small, or medium or the large enterprises. The website and the subsequent web development services attempts to bring about the most sought after “the lead generation”.

The scalability of web development in the recent years

In today’s scenario, the web development happens to be a broad term which brings in a plethora of services which goes into the overall website development and its modifications.

However the typical web development services includes the following:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • E-commerce website development
  • Custom web applications (which completely works on selected niche and relies on the fixed mandates of the requesting company)

The expandability of the web development with reference to its application

The web services Dubai in the recent years have expanded their horizons and have hence created the epitome of the convenience and services to the end customers which saves the time in execution. The web applications such as the financial banking, air-ticketing which gets integrated with the other third party finance to execute the digital payments to mention a few:

Banking web applications: The banking web applications have been designed for the users to could easily carry out the banking related online transactions without even for need to visit the banks physically. The web services provider Dubai also aims to seamlessly execute the handling the banking process with much ease.

E-Commerce development services: The E-com is the recent edition to the web application services and has literally evolved to completely take over the mantle of conducting online path and has also become the most powerful entity of the century. It aims to create the virtual shopping experience for the online customers who like to either purchase, bid or sell their respective products through the ecommerce site.

The digital wallet: The second most popular genre in the digital payments and digital transactions is the digital wallet’s which has become the core component in conducting the business workflow. The digital wallets have always facilitated the users to constantly remain connected digitally.

VRS Tech has been constantly involved in the web development activities for customers and also works on the customized web requirements of the consumers who wanted to have certain specificity with reference to the web applications. Please approach us at VRS Tech for more detailed information on web designing and developments. Please call us at 097143866001 and visit us at

Network security and firewall have been the enforcement for network security

Network security and firewall have been the most pivotal elements in reference to bringing about the appropriate enforcement and the subsequent deployment of the security policy within the network connectivity in the organization.

In this particular paradigm, the firewall has been considered as a network security device that constantly monitors both the incoming and outgoing network traffic and in this particular traffic regulation the firewall acts as a barrier between the trusted and the untrusted network system thereby filtering the data packets ensuring that data which is further transmitted from the source to the other terminal end points happens safely.

network security and firewall

network security and firewall

Efficacy of the packet filtering methodology

As an analogy, one can understand that packet filtering is an expensive component to implement and deploy in the corporate networks. However, one should understand that a packet filtering method of firewall has a very limited level of security as compared to the application or the proxy firewall system

How packet filtering becomes the core activity of the firewall execution?

The packet filtering has been considered as the process of data filtering technique which blocks the untrusted data packets at the source of the network interface itself. This blocking of the untrusted data packets so that the internal network system is kept safe from any malicious intrusions that are bound to occur.

The packet filtering has been considered as one of the core component of the firewall execution program which is specifically designed to safeguard the network system from any untoward intrusions. The packet filtering comprises of three methods of packet filtering mechanism and once configured in the system can predominantly filter the data packets.

  • The first method of packet filtering: In the first method, the packet filtering filters only those data packets which adhere to the standard protocol and discarding the other. The first method of packet filtering has been considered the most secured but there are equal chances for some of the legitimate packets to eventually getting dropped.
  • The second method of packet filtering: In the second method, the packet filtering drops the data packets which are unsafe and accepting the packets which are safe.
  • The third method of packet filtering: In the event that the filter encountering a packet which the firewall is not able to balance between the trusted and untrusted data packets, it queries with the user about the nature of the data packet and probably rejects or accepts based on the user inputs.

The network security  firewall have emerged as a solution in itself in reference to providing the finest cyber security in the enterprise network system and in this particular trend VRS Tech have been constantly empowering the security coverage to the network system both internal and external. At any point of time if you require the network security and firewall systems for your organization, do approach us at VRS Tech and call us at 097143866001 further visit us at

Cyber Security turns as contingency methods to curb cyber threats

Cyber security has become a major concern for businesses in this landscape and as the technology is growing at the tremendous pace.

Companies often find it vulnerable at certain times as to how it could possibly curb out the potential risk factors when the security concerns are compromised at certain time.

It has been quite overwhelming to know that mobile technology has sneaked among the users and with emergence of companies practicing the method of BYOD (bring your own device). There has been an increased seepage or the security lapse through certain mobile devices which at times causes certain cyber breach which could at times pose to be a potential disaster. In this particular horizon, the cyber security Dubai has turned out to be a recent buzzword in the market today which attempts to curb out this disaster and enable the ecosystem to be completely healthy.

The cyber security realm has become a new strategy in itself which becomes the most imperative and strategy plan for most of the companies and has become the engagement model today.

cyber security dubai

cyber security Dubai

Cyber security as a strategy for the contingency plan

In fact, if one goes in for an analogy, the contingency plan in a company in view of the presumptive security concerns is far better than dealing with the cyber setback with the aftermath impacts. More and more companies in today’s trend are constantly engaging themselves in preparing a proper backup plans to reduce any sort of redundancy

Cyber security has turned out to be the blueprint in preventing major fatalities

One can arguably say that cyber setback is prevented, then a company can in fact save huge revenue which otherwise goes into the practice of bringing back the lost data.

In fact, one can undermine that cyber security has become a major concern for the company as some of the significant portion of the data might be deemed as the most sensitive information pertained to a major financial data which becomes a pivotal component of an organization.

Anecdote: In fact, as per a recent mobile research, the researchers have found two new strains of Android Malware referred as the loupe and Gnat spy, which is known to creep into the real-time firewalls of the company and thereby causing a significant havoc over the wireless network architecture

Cyber security becomes a prognostic measures to curb the illicit entry of the malware

As mentioned above, the two new strains of android malware the lope and Gnat spy, have been proven to be the vulnerable reasons to cause a major destruction and in this particular view point, many third-party companies have been constantly monitoring the nature and the scope of the malware causing destruction to numerous companies across the landscape.

VRS Tech have been one of the third party vendor for most of the corporate giants and have grafted a methodology to curb out the cyber threats by properly maintaining the cyber security concerns and strategies. As an enterprise organization, if you are looking forward for such a service, please approach us and call us at 0971 4 3866012 and visit us at

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Cyber Security the governing enforcement to secure the IT ecosystem

In the recent times, the digital world is cluttered with more and more complexity towards the technological advancement. This technological advancement has been faced with more and more security coverage which ardently protects the organizations as a whole.

In this particular horizon, the cyber security have been the most pro-active component which integrates the best of technologies, processes and the definitive strategies which are put in place to protect the systems, network infrastructure and most importantly the data from the cyber-attacks.

cyber security dubai

cyber security dubai

Approaches that reduces the risk of cyber attacks

Cyber security measures have always played a key role in securing the enterprise organizations towards the presumable cyber-attacks and constantly keep the organization safe from any sort of unauthorized intrusions made by the hackers who aim to create havoc to the computer systems, network infrastructure and most importantly the crucial data.

Modalities of cyber-securities

Cyber-security has always been carried out as a preventive methodology which is being enforced in the organization where there is more susceptibility of data which is stolen or attacked. The cyber-security is an analysis done to understand the risks involved to the organization through viruses, malware and other such malicious intrusions.

Three prominent methodologies as the following:

  • Identity management

    : Identity management brings forth the authentication and authorization of the designated persons to enter critical area such as the servers, data centers etc

  • Risk management

    : The risk management is a strategy defined by the management and is often a pre-conceived assessment to be carried out before a prone cyber-security lapse.

  • Incident management:

    The incident management is the collective efforts to bring back the organization back to the normal functioning. The incident management can be put in place to bring about seamless functioning of network infrastructure, end-point systems, client-server technologies, cloud platform to name a few.

Implications of cyber attacks

The cyber-attacks have known to completely disrupt the normal functioning of the organizations towards the financial assets which often leads to the reputation damage to the entity. The post cyber-attacks have always led to certain regulatory and litigation liabilities to the company.

Cyber-security strategies being deployed to constantly remain safe

The intrusion detection and prevention system management has been specifically implemented and deployed in enterprise organization, which has been very pro-active in eliminating the notable cyber threats. The intrusion detection has been providing security surveillance through robust, real-time security monitoring towards the network infrastructure and the servers in specific.

VRS Tech has always been the contender to provide the cyber security in the growing market with reference to safeguarding the IT ecosystem in the organization. The cyber security Dubai has been a realm to constantly gear up with some of the contingency cyber-security principles in place which ardently looks forward to bring about healthy IT platforms. Please approach us a VRS Tech for any cyber related problems and call us at 0971 4 3866001 and visit us at

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  2. Cyber Security Dubai the crucial entity in place for holistic security

Web service provider in Dubai have tremendously perplexed the digital realm

In the current trend, one has seen a tremendous upsurge of technological innovations with reference to the buying psychology in numerous users today.

One of the most prolific technological innovation has been attributed to the kind of web service which has taken the center-stage wherein the numerous user’s predominantly enjoy the pleasure of their shopping through online way rather than spending hours at a retailer manually and exchange few hard cash in hand for a particular product.



The web service provider Dubai has been constantly been constantly evolving itself in bringing in the best trend of eCommerce web design and its profound implication in the overall online shopping experience numerous users.

Anecdote: Given the fact that, in today’s lifestyle, more than 80% of the users prefer to have the online way of transaction to procure their preferred product or services rather than getting into the nitty-gritty of dealing directly with the retailers.

Web services have taken a phenomenal leap over m-commerce regime

In fact in the recent years, there has been an increase in the usage of mobiles for most of the commercial transactions. On the surface of it, the trend of m-commerce has been modus operandi for most of the online selling paradigms.

These smart phones have become the necessity for most the interim transactions and it has come to a level where the users tend to use the device to even find the detailed product information. Hence, it has become an imperative practice for most of the web owners to keep updating themselves over the ecommerce platform so that it is browsed by more consumers who are constantly glued to the internet through smart phones.

Web service providers are always on the edge to render the best of web services

In today’s trend, most of the web service providers have been on their edge towards constantly updating themselves to render the latest trends in the web services as per the psychology of the customers in large.

They have a greater role to play in enabling the smooth mobile transactions that keeps happening on the m-commerce portal, with the advent of the payment gateway systems and their subsequent implementation of the same in the ecommerce portal, it has almost become a pleasant experience for most of the online users to even do the transactions either through the web-interface or through the smartphones.

These payment gateways have also emerged in the consumer market and they have perplexedly being able to process the online payments for the products being put on the cart with their smart phone devices.

The voice compatibility for m-commerce has changed the horizon.

Moving further, most of the web service providers across the landscape have been able to completely metamorphose the m-commerce portal and brought in the new trend of voice compatibility in them. This voice compatibility has always facilitated the consumer towards having most of the commercial transaction through interactive voice support feature.

It has hence become an ardent fact that web service becomes a most indispensable component in today’s online mode of business transactions. We at VRS Tech have been constantly been able to bring about the latest trend in the ecommerce realm and if you are one of those would be very keen in having the digital transactions for your products and services do approach us at VRS Tech and call us at 097143866001 and visit us at

UTM Solutions for overall Network Security

The internet is a resourceful tool enabling us to get connected to the world. As such the world has the same privilege as connecting to us. This is how we are prone to cyber threats and thefts. One can utilize what the internet has to offer us but the other way around, it might be used for selfish means as well and the same has been happening time and again.

UTM Solutions

Through harmful malware hidden in emails and websites disguised as legitimate, sensitive information has been falling prey to the unauthentic sources. Identity theft, phishing, social engineering and many other sorts of cyber threats are creating a deep sense of insecurity with the personal information like credit card or bank details or other crucial information falling into the wrong hands. To be cautious enough, our networks and devices need to be well-protected. For those who could realize the importance of network security, safety is always by their side.

Further, there are different ways a network may be insecure like due to virus, spam and many more for which a single solution might not be sufficient. Here is where a Unified Threat Management solution would suffice to all kinds of network insecurities coming up with multiple security options.

An overview of UTM

A UTM is a single security solution for multiple security issues. With the help of a UTM appliance, the UTM provides a comprehensive security solution with anti-virus, anti-spam, anti- spyware, firewall network security , intrusion detection, content filtering etc. As the threats are not specific but vary, one security solution would not be enough for all sorts of cyber issues, so securing the network with UTM will ensure overall security.

One dealer for all kind of security issues

Threats are not uniform but come in blended forms to cause insecurity at different points of the network. There arises the need for different security appliances to deal with each and every security issue separately. A UTM solutions (Unified Threat management) extends overall security under one roof with its solutions for different kinds of network insecurities. With the single point security source UTM provides, it is easier to manage issues with varied threats.

If your network is not yet secured with the UTM, it is time you found it necessarily important for a high network security. VRS Technologies in Dubai is a trustable destination for Unified Threat Management solutions that come in economical packages, which includes anti-spam, anti-virus, control filtering, email filtering, intrusion prevention and many more.

To secure your network from all kinds of cyber issues with our comprehensive UTM solutions, contact VRS Technologies on +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website to learn more about our Unified Threat Management solutions


Tips for Secured Your Networks

Secured Your Business with UTM Solutions


Firewall Network Security-a step beyond Anti-Virus

Ever since its inception, internet has gained so much of importance and popularity which, evidently, will continue so long as the internet exists. As much good it can do in our day to day lives, it can be unsafe too. It is through the internet that unsafe things travel, finally causing insecurity to our computer networks. The world has witnessed many cases of cyber insecurity where hackers or intruders have taken unfair advantages of the limitless use one could make of the internet. Certainly, with harmful tools, they began to steal sensitive data, send virus or demand a huge sum of ransom by encrypting all the important files. None, be it an individual or a big or small sized business could afford to fall into such an unsafe zone. So the right decision would be to look for ways to have well-protected computers.

firewall network security

There have come into existence security measures into the market with many security companies and providers coming up to offer. Anti-virus is the most common type of software intended to secure your computer from virus attacks. Anti-virus would not be enough but in addition a firewall network security should be installed to protect the overall network and beef up the security.

What is anti-virus?

An anti-virus is software that is intelligent enough to prevent, search for, detect and remove viruses and other malicious software from the computer, disallowing further spread-out of the virus aiming to harm the computer. Anti-virus detects and removes the virus which has already gained access.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a kind of network security which blocks the incoming and outgoing traffic. In most plain terms, a firewall network security system blocks malicious programs or websites from gaining access to the network but gives way to the right and authentic programs to pass through the network. This way, all the harmful programs, emails, websites can be barred from causing threats to the computer’s important files, data and programs.

Just synonymous to how a firewall prevents fire from spreading out across a building; a network firewall prevents threats from entering your network and spreading it to the other computers.

Why a firewall protection should be employed in addition to anti-virus?

The loopholes in the security should not be incentives for insecurity in the network and so one should consider, why anti-virus is not enough. An anti-virus can handle the detection and removal of the virus, infecting the computers. As a noticeable fact, every day new sorts of virus are being crafted and it may take a while for the anti-virus company to update the anti-virus software program. Instead a firewall can strictly create a blockade for any kind of virus attempting to infiltrate your computer. With a firewall installed, the harmful dangers of network infiltration can be kept at a distance.

Installation of both anti-virus software and the firewall network security is the ideal security measure.

We, at VRS Technologies Dubai, offer Firewall network security to control security risks and let you have the choice of opting for different modules of subscription for the same.

You can reach VRS Technologies on +971 55 1683152 for the firewall and other network security to protect your critical assets. You may go to our website for the various security solutions we offer.


Why does your business need Annual Maintenance Contract Services?


annual maintenance contract

Computers have become a basic necessity for every business and also the dependence on them is very large. In every day’s business operations, computers have a lot to do. For data management, accounts or communication, they are must- have tools. But with the advancement of technology, there is a need for a regular up gradation of the systems. Plus, even if the systems are advanced, there are ample chances for them to meet a technical challenge. Or there could be a repair or any other challenge faced by the computer. When it is solved in time, there can be problem free systems working well to benefit the business under operation. To counter the issues holding the systems back from operating well, they need to be checked constantly. For this, a regular service and maintenance can offer the best solution, keeping the systems in health. Annual maintenance contract services can sort out every issue concerning the computers.

What are Annual Maintenance Contract Services?

We at VRS Technologies are an Annual Maintenance Contract Company offering Annual Maintenance Contract Services to diverse areas. Our team of skilled technicians is at your command to sort out your issues and resolve your queries with round the clock support. We consider customer feedback with due diligence.

Our services include

  • Repair and replacement of defective parts
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Hardware and Software installation
  • Data recovery and backup
  • Driver updates
  • Defragment Hard Drive
  • Optimization of computer operating system

To avail the VRS Technologies, call us at  971 551683152  or refer to our

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Partnering with Annual Maintenance Contract is beneficial to a business


Annual Maintenance contract

AnnualMaintainance contract


Businesses are getting more and more digitalized and so every organization is built with IT infrastructure to be on par with digital needs. Be it computers, printers or servers all fall under the category of IT infrastructure. But its maintenance can be burdening for the enterprise and a distraction from performing core business activities. Plus hiring technicians for each and every issue can be nagging. How to put an end to the hassle? An Annual Maintenance Contract will be helpful in relieving you of the difficulties of dealing with IT issues, occurring without intimation. Collaborating with an Annual Maintenance Contract company could be what you are looking for. VRS Technologies in Dubai, a trustworthy Annual Maintenance Contract Company, is here to assist you.

What are the benefits of signing with an Annual Maintenance Contract Company?


Many businesses assume signing with an Annual Maintenance Contract may be a waste of money with the payment made even when there is no need for any repair. Rather than believing in the wrong assumption, regulating the maintenance of IT infrastructure would be better so that you will not have to run into sudden IT issues interrupting business operations. Partnering with contract companies is a better option rather than depending upon individual services each and every time amounting to huge money by the end of the year. Contract companies offer budget friendly contracting options with innumerable services.

Devices last longer

Anyone would wish the devices lasted longer making their investment worthy. How can this be achieved? It is by opting for a routine maintenance schedule through Annual Maintenance Contract. The regular check up is performed as to how the devices are running. If any issue is detected, it could be resolved right away to prevent further damage.

Routine maintenance schedule

It is not possible for the enterprise to juggle between handling business and IT issues simultaneously as shifting focus from the main stream of business can hinder the business progress. If partnered with an annual maintenance contract company, both IT issues and maintenance will be taken care of. The contract company will regularly monitor your schedule and prioritize your concerns and contact you whenever the necessary action should be taken.

Skilled technicians

Partnering with technicians who understand your business requirements aptly can prove to be an intelligent move. Annual Maintenance Contract companies are equipped beforehand with all the necessary knowledge essential for picking solutions designed for your specific needs.

We at VRS Technologies in Dubai offer trusted and verified service packages as part of the Annual Maintenance Contract, as a result of which your IT environment improves better than ever. With our well-qualified technicians, we deliver skillful services to resolve even complex IT problems.

To partner with VRS Technologies for the Annual Maintenance Contract, call us at +971 55 1683152or refer to our website

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Why Structured Cabling Solutions is essential for a better network performance

Structured Cabling Solutions

What is structured cabling system?

It is a known fact that data and communication networks are essential for a business to be efficient. For the networks to be capable, a proper cabling system is required. Structured cabling is more organized compared to the traditional cabling network. It has an integrated approach to data and voice systems and so can be used both as a telephone as well as a computer network

Why is structured cabling system essential?

Technology is ever changing faster and advanced. Businesses are also growing big and are necessitated by a huge number of computers and a very complex set of networks. Unlike the traditional point to point system, the structured cabling system connects all the devices in one network making it more efficient to share the information in no time.

Why should the installation of structured cabling be proper?

It is necessary for the structured cabling systems to be installed properly or the network fails to function the way it should. As a result, systems could slow down with poor performance which would in turn affect the services your company offers to the customers. If the structured cabling is installed well, it could ensure efficient infrastructure.

Why look for a structured cabling solution

A good structured cabling solutions cuts down the costs of network and enhances efficiency. The structured cabling solution makes sure the system runs without any problems, which would otherwise shut down the network. The cables also remain more durable and with more integrity.

We at VRS Technologies have highly skilled and trained staff to design, implement and offer the structured cabling solution with a meticulous plan. We promise to provide the leading infrastructure and a wide range of support to our clients of various fields. We have a well-designed networking solution to meet your infrastructure needs. Having over a decade of expertise, we are proven professionals in handling the most complex networking projects of our clients.

For the right structured cabling solution, call VRS Technologies at +971551683152 or go to our website for more details.

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