6 Common Backup Mistakes Every Organization Must Avoid

Understanding what is a Backup: Although Backups are a very significant piece of IT information, yet these are not given the significant value until and unless the Data loss happens or the Disaster occurs. If the Backup becomes a Background function, the organizational Oversights will happen that would disrupt the Business.

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Backup Oversights to be avoided by every Organization:

  • IT is the Backup Decision maker that is Business irrelevant: IT Department or else the Technology partner is responsible for implementing the Backups. However, the Backup Budget becomes a matter of agreement and disagreement because the Protection of Data is viewed as an expense. As a result, the Oversight is that IT becomes the Backup Decision maker. The conflict is that Management treats the Data Protection in one way and the IT Department sees it different. Therefore, such an Oversight should be avoided and focus should be on the company’s current needs across Data Protection.
  • SLAs cannot set Expectations during problems: It happens when the different Hierarchies in the organization think and share different opinions on Data Protection and assume that the Data would be safe always. Since there is no specific codified SLA, does not mean that even an immediate SLA should not be set up to protect against Ransomware, Malware and Data Loss. Therefore, SLAs should be expected when a problem occurs.
  • Should IT write exclusively the SLAs? : The answer is “No”. Since there is no proof of “Honesty”, when IT is writing the SLA and addressing regarding the same to Management, the SLA Writing Job becomes doubtful. This is another Oversight to be avoided by organizations.
  • Conflating the Backups with Disaster Recovery: Backup and Disaster Recovery is not the same. In a Backup, the copy of the Production Environment is stored securely, to avoid changes in the document. To the contrast, Disaster Recovery implies to the negative effects on the mechanisms, present in the complete Data centre. While Backup is Data oriented because it can restore data like a Virtual machine, Disaster Recovery is Environment oriented, since it cannot replace flopped Hardware.
  • Not Testing Recovery: Testing Recovery is very active and requires more Practice. It is a time consuming process because it involves restoring of the complete data involved. However, testing Recovery should be done.
  • IT is not trained in Data Protection: The Skillset of IT in Data Protection should be enhanced which, leads to an improvised flexibility during the Business Transition.

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