4 Factors that Influence How Long your Fiber Network Will Last

Fiber network installation is deployed with consideration to the ROI of how long it will operate.

Fiber optic cabling is more fragile when compared to copper cabling. Still there is a huge demand for fiber cabling installation as it transmits signal faster than copper wiring.

However, if correctly processed, tested and used it has proven to be immensely durable. The durability of the material is tested by accessing the

  • Initial strength
  • Rate of degradation
  • Any flaws that weaken it
  • Reagents that can weaken it
  • Its optical lifetime

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Factors that Influence Durability of the Fiber Optic Network:

Surface flaws: Pristine silica glass that is free of defects is immensely resistant to degradation. All commercially produced optical fibers have surface flaws that reduce the material’s longevity under certain conditions. To overcome the flaws that lead to failure of the network fiber optics are first tested by stretching it to a pre-set level for a specified duration to deliberately break the larger flaws.

Reducing degradation: The user is left with a fiber containing fewer, smaller flaws that need to be protected from unnecessary degradation. This means primarily stopping the creation of new flaws by coating the fiber with a protective and durable material for its primary coating.

Installation strains: Stress is the major factor affecting fiber longevity, hence the cable installer ensures the use of suitable strength elements limits the stress applied to the cable to much less than the 1 percent proof test level. After protecting the cable, it is necessary to ensure that the use of suitable strength elements limits the stress applied to the cable to much less than the 1 per cent proof test level. The three commonly used techniques pulling, pushing and blowing.

Environmental factors: The environmental factors that most affect the fiber optic cable installation include the elevated temperatures and presence of water. The growth of cracks under stress is facilitated by water leading to “stress corrosion”. By checking the stress corrosion susceptibility parameter, the tendency of a fiber to suffer stress corrosion is being reviewed.

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