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VRS Technologies IT AMC services provide constant support to rule out breakdowns, malfunctions, cyber threats, data losses, and much more.

Secure your operations the smart way with our annual maintenance contracts program

Maintenance of your business operations is as important as initiating and planning for a business. While having a plan to maintain operations regularly doesn’t just lead you to success, they also make you grow better with great consistency. If you are someone who wants to enhance your business then subscribing for an annual maintenance contract service is the way out. We, at VRS Technologies, make your job gets easier with our IT AMC services. Who better to do your job than the top providers of AMC in Dubai.

We offer to you consistent and prompt maintenance service all through. Our team of experts is always there to resolve your issues promptly and troubleshoot the problem onsite. We give equal priority to all kinds of IT issues. In addition to just solving the issue, our experts get out of their way to prescribe preventive measures to our clients at pre-defined intervals.

Why choose VRS Technologies’s Annual Maintenance Contract Program

We understand and appreciate the trust that you place in us, and that is why we take our work seriously. We don’t just believe in providing security, but also ensure that you have peace of mind by conducting routine checks and diagnostic processes. With a fairly priced annual maintenance program, you will be on the winning path without any obstacles to stop you. The program covers breakdowns (computer systems, networks and peripherals) and malfunctions. Computer equipment will be kept at optimal performance throughout the year by our onsite technical team.

Annual Maintenance Contract


  • Customer service support with unlimited service calls
  • Hardware and software installation
  • Anti-Virus Software (yearly plan)
  • Optimization of computer operating systems
  • Defragment hard drive
  • Reduces issues of failure of tools
  • Protracted life for equipment
  • Regular preventive maintenance calls
  • 24/7 service

So choose us and secure yourself for life under our annual maintenance contract program

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