Structured Cabling System Proves to Render Seamless Network Connectivity

In today’s trend, the strength of the organization has always been attributed towards their internal and the external communication mechanism which is ardently being provided by the built-in structured cabling system. In fact, it is the most apparent fact that the structured cabling system has been able to seamlessly provide the longest life cycle and in turn, completely metamorphoses the seamless network connectivity within the premises thereby making it very robust.

Structured cabling system

Structured cabling system

Anecdote: The structured cabling system incorporates within it the vast cable networks such as the CAT 5, CAR 5e, CAT 6, UTP and the fiber optics.

Structured cabling systems and its profound application have been meticulously been able to connect to the multiple terminals and nodes structurally with the following patterns:

  • Local Area Network (LAN), which predominantly connects the entire terminal together.
  • LAN to the internet service provider (ISP) which connects the LAN to the internet through a firewall system.
  • LAN also connects the voice and data connectivity through VOIP (Voice over internet protocol)

Local Area Network (LAN) architecture

The structured cabling system has been able to render the ardent connecting tool in an enterprise, as it brings about the network connecting tool which enables the client-server architecture for an efficient network setup.

The architecture in specific has been able to bring about the multiple workstations which deliver the seamless data connectivity to the central server in a LAN.

Anecdote: The client-server architecture has been the most successful model to date as it governs the seamless network connectivity, which is able to accommodate the service and the requests delivered through a network.

Advantages of voice as a major network carrier

  • The voice network connectivity has been found to be the most economical way to communicate with the multiple branches of the company.
  • Its been a viable choice for more companies to adopt voice as a network carrier as it renders the uninterrupted service for the companies.

Efficacy of the structured cabling system in a typical organization

The network connectivity to the multiple workstations has been a core component of structured cabling systems has undergone a massive transition in the recent past.

This network connectivity has been able to accommodate both the data and voice through them, thereby becoming an essential carrier to support the VoIP (Voice over IP) through specifically designed VoIP phones, which works purely on the basis of IP (Internet Protocol).

VRS Tech has been in the industry for nearly a decade and has persistently been very vigilant towards bringing about the latest trends in the networking and constantly being able to implement them to the multiple companies in the landscape.

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Choosing Right Cabling Method – Structured Cabling or Point to Point Cabling?

For any business firm, IT infrastructure is an inherent aspect and both the cabling and method of cabling decides the performance of the network. While choosing the cabling method, the present IT requirements and that of the future need a clear vision. The data, voice and video communication needs are growing largely day by day that the point to point cabling system might not meet the demands. And here is where there comes a well-fitting answer for a cabling method to be best suitable to your infrastructure needs.

Structured Cabling System

Structured Cabling System

What does the point to point system do?

As far as one can see, many of the IT firms have been used to the point to point cabling system for many years, but some years later, there has been a high rise in the data demands. To elucidate further, with the high increase in the number of computing needs, it is becoming hard for the traditional cabling method to make moves or changes with the flexibility for today’s needs. What use would it be if the cabling is incapacitated for your communication needs? Plus, the traditional or point to point cabling connects one server to another or one switch to the other, which at the end becomes a big jungle of wires.

Why is structured cabling a feasible cabling method for the IT infrastructure?

The structured cabling system is an integration of cables, equipment and management tools to enable telecommunications or say data, voice and video communications to take place with flexibility so moves, changes are made easily and continuously through the distribution areas of the structured cabling system. This is more of a standardized way of connecting switches to servers, servers to switches and switches to switches. Due to its organized characteristics, it is easy to understand the connections and make amendments in the future too. The financial burden having to invest on the future expansion of your IT infrastructure reduces as well.

To sort out the better cabling method for your expanding business, the structured cabling can be apt. It can equip high amounts of data flow and increase the business productivity. VRS Tech is well established for designing and organizing premium structured cabling equipment for your company with our knowledgeable engineers planning it the fitting way for your firm’s IT infrastructure.

Having a clear vision of your business will lead you to success. IT infrastructure, the lifeblood of your business is what is your hidden treasure and so shine your IT infrastructure and see the change.

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Structured Cabling System Empowers the Robust Network System in an Enterprise

In today’s fast paced and complex digital world, with a diverse range of data centers in place, communication has played an instrumental role in the constant evolution of umpteen business enterprises in the digital space. Communication (both the internal and external communication) has tremendously enhanced the way one can really imagine about the immense transformation it has brought us to.

The most essential component which determines the communication is the network cables which are sometimes referred to as the structured cabling. These cables have the inherent capacity within to support the communication to run at most optimal speed, as these cables can be installed in a series with a pre-determined workstations getting connected to the server.

structured cabling system

structured cabling system

The Structured Cabling system as a network architecture has been accepted across the industry as the most standardized system as far as the networking is concerned. These cabling systems has been accredited by the EIA committee (Electronics Industries Association or Electronics Industries Alliance) and TIA 4 2 committee (Telecommunications Industry Association).

Structured cabling system is a complete set of cabling which is completely encapsulated with multiple minor cabling within which in turn facilitates the fast and seamless transmission of data. These data could also be composed of the voice and video signals which get transmitted from one server to the other without any severance in the data.

Structurally, this cabling system becomes the most important vital component as it incorporates the following

Copper cable

The copper cable is a cable variant which encapsulates within itself the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP). The first variant, the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) is a variation of the copper cabling which seamlessly connects the series of workstations with a system called as the Local Area Networks (LAN), these LAN’s could also be a handy tool as it can also accommodate to connect across with the telephones.

Patch Panel

Patch panels are the most important and an integral component as far as the data cabling connectivity is concerned, as these patch panels are instrumental in connecting your system’s network equipment to the internet service provider’s (ISP) equipment, or when it is connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) in a typical business enterprise.

Cross connects

The cross connects are extensively used in the data centers where the cabling system connects to multiple data centers.

As a matter of fact, these cross-connects have potentially become a boon to umpteen numbers of network administrators or the network engineers to carry on their work and also have a significant control over the vast network assets in the company. Further, these crosses connects have been proved to increase the overall performance of a network communication system.

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Benefits Galore With a Structured Cabling System

For any company today, there is a growing need for IT basics to expand its business but arriving at the right solution can show the desired change. Plus, to tell their story to the world around and enhance their growth, businesses need a proper communication. Telecommunications do the right job. A proper strategy applied can make telecommunications effective, which is the structured cabling system.

What is structured cabling system?

Structured cabling forms the basis of a business through its integrated approach in connecting data and voice systems.  It supports your local area network (LAN) which in turn supports telecommunications like making calls, sending e-mails, sharing files or any kind of data transfer. With its wider networks, it can help a business improve with greater productivity.

Structured cabling system

Structured cabling system

Why structured cabling can be beneficial:

Easy to manage

To monitor and manage the data center cabling, not many but the minimum staff is required. Changes or moves can be dealt faster and more efficiently with minimum downtime.

Greater returns on investment

Integration of data, voice and video reduces the burden of updating and ultimately lowers the costs of maintenance. Moves or changes can be made within the system easily saving time and money.

Adaptability prepares for future expansion

Structured cabling comes with a high bandwidth that any applications in the future could be included into the system with little interruption to the system. Finally, you do not have to worry about the system getting outdated in the future. With structured cabling, your system’s large infrastructure can adapt with the telecommunication needs of the firm.

System attains greater flexibility

Traditional wiring systems are made of complex wiring but the structured cabling unites the cabling system into a single unit transferring the data into varied formats. Moreover, it accommodates any new upgrades or changes efficiently making it flexible to move to new locations.

To conclude, structured cabling system forms the pillar to your business by serving the telecommunication needs of the company. It organizes your entire IT network in a simplified manner as opposed to the traditional telecommunication system. If you want your company to be more organized and perform better, structured cabling system can be the very key to it.

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Advantages of Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the most reliable business telecommunications network.

It is so important for an organization that it is needless to say that the businesses depend on the structured cabling for entire telecommunications. It is the network that integrates the data and voice cabling in a building. In today’s world where everything is unpredictable with the life of a particular software is for about 2-3 years, the shelf life of a laptops/tablet is not more than 5 years, the structured cabling has a life span of 10 years, making it all the more important to choose a reliable structured cabling company to have it set up. VRS Tech  is a market leader in offering structured cabling services in Dubai; we have been in the business since 2009 providing our services and making a long list of happy customers in the process.

Structured cabling system

Benefits of using Structured Cabling

Standardized network: The same structured cabling network can be used for phone, Ethernet and ISDN cabling making the maintenance/troubleshooting part easier as it is a standard network meant for many uses.

Longevity: A proper Structured Cabling which is done following the standards has a life span of 10-15 years as it leaves room for upgrades.

Permits Moves, Adds and Changes: As the structured cabling follows the design that incorporates structures (smaller elements), it is flexible enough to allow any moves, additions or changes easily. It quite easily accommodates the changes pertaining to hardware like shifting the phone lines, adding high-speed internet or moving printers from one cabin to another.

Troubleshooting is simple: Structured Cabling being so organized in nature, problems are less likely to arise. However, it is easier for the technicians to trace the ports/cables while troubleshooting, just in case.

Has scope to support future applications: Going forward, the standard structured cabling has the capacity to support applications like multimedia, video conferencing without actually bringing it down.

For more details on structured cabling services in Dubai, contact VRS Tech at +971 56 7029840.

Structured Cabling Service in Dubai

Structured Cabling – the lifeline of your organization

We see new developments in the field of computer and telecommunication technology every single year. Devices become obsolete, systems become outdated and have to be changed, sometimes more devices are added and sometimes we need to make changes in the setup of the whole organization due to logistical issue. Businesses are always on the lookout for new solutions which can address their requirements and need for effective, low- maintenance, scalable solutions for their systems.

Structured Cabling services in dubai

The traditional method of point-to-point cabling is no more acceptable with today’s requirement for fast-paced technology and conservation of labor, materials and energy. They create a huge load of wiring, compromising with the life and safety of the systems and cause a lot of issues during the installation of new devices, or removal of old ones, even. Making a move is also extremely impractical and causes lot of down time and requires lot of labor and material. Added to this, the mess created by the wires/ cables reduces the flow of air around the switches and causes heating up which results in increased scope of damage and higher cost in the need to cool the area.

Structured cabling, on the other hand is a much more refined, modular system of wiring which allows you to overcome most of the above limitations without draining your resources. It is overall a much more modular and logical alternative to traditional point- to- point cabling systems.
The following are the benefits of Structured cabling:

-Simpler to manage: Your cable structure becomes much more easier to maintain and any changes like installations, additions and moving becomes easier, quicker and cheaper.

-Higher return on investment: Structured cabling plays the role of a unifier of video, data and voice processes. This reduces the need for periodic updates and reduces the maintenance costs. Even in the eventuality that this is needed, the process becomes much simpler and cheaper.

-IT infrastructure becomes prepared for expansion: Structured cabling comes with  much greater band- width,  which means that future applications like multimedia, video conferencing etc. will be compatible with this system. On an average, it remains relevant for at least 10 years to help adjust to your growing telecommunication needs.

-Increased flexibility: Multiple wiring systems are a huge problem to manage. Structured wiring enables you to be much more flexible since it gets consolidated in to a single entity which can transfer data in multiple formats, and can be dismantled and moved to a different location.

The above reasons are quite sufficient to realize that a market leader is required to cater to your structured cabling needs. Who better than us, at VRS Tech, the leaders of the industry in Dubai with our superior technicians and cheap prices to manage your cabling needs! Contact us today to feel the difference.