Structured Cabling System Empowers the Robust Network System in an Enterprise

In today’s fast paced and complex digital world, with a diverse range of data centers in place, communication has played an instrumental role in the constant evolution of umpteen business enterprises in the digital space. Communication (both the internal and external communication) has tremendously enhanced the way one can really imagine about the immense transformation it has brought us to.

The most essential component which determines the communication is the network cables which are sometimes referred to as the structured cabling. These cables have the inherent capacity within to support the communication to run at most optimal speed, as these cables can be installed in a series with a pre-determined workstations getting connected to the server.

structured cabling system

structured cabling system

The Structured Cabling system as a network architecture has been accepted across the industry as the most standardized system as far as the networking is concerned. These cabling systems has been accredited by the EIA committee (Electronics Industries Association or Electronics Industries Alliance) and TIA 4 2 committee (Telecommunications Industry Association).

Structured cabling system is a complete set of cabling which is completely encapsulated with multiple minor cabling within which in turn facilitates the fast and seamless transmission of data. These data could also be composed of the voice and video signals which get transmitted from one server to the other without any severance in the data.

Structurally, this cabling system becomes the most important vital component as it incorporates the following

Copper cable

The copper cable is a cable variant which encapsulates within itself the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP). The first variant, the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) is a variation of the copper cabling which seamlessly connects the series of workstations with a system called as the Local Area Networks (LAN), these LAN’s could also be a handy tool as it can also accommodate to connect across with the telephones.

Patch Panel

Patch panels are the most important and an integral component as far as the data cabling connectivity is concerned, as these patch panels are instrumental in connecting your system’s network equipment to the internet service provider’s (ISP) equipment, or when it is connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) in a typical business enterprise.

Cross connects

The cross connects are extensively used in the data centers where the cabling system connects to multiple data centers.

As a matter of fact, these cross-connects have potentially become a boon to umpteen numbers of network administrators or the network engineers to carry on their work and also have a significant control over the vast network assets in the company. Further, these crosses connects have been proved to increase the overall performance of a network communication system.

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