Fiber optic cabling evolving to empower with higher digital transmission

In the recent years, the fiber optic cabling has transformed itself as a new form of data transmission through cables which essentially comprises of fibers which has a capability to transmit data through light, as compared to the conventional mode of electrical transmission. The fiber optic cable has come into prominence since it accommodates and also transmits higher bandwidths of data. The bandwidth has also increased to the ratio of 100 Gbps as per a recent estimation.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic Cabling

Architecture of Fiber Optics

Structurally, the fiber optic cabling carries the light instead of the electricity which is conventionally used in the other cable networking. As per a recent analogy, the light as a medium is the fastest medium of connectivity and less prone to electrical and electromagnetic interferences. Since the light does not easily get interfered in its path, this is the ardent reason to choose the fiber optic cabling installation for long distance data transmission.

Anecdote: In a recent technological conference, it was analyzed that some of the signals have been transmitted over 5,000 miles. This was only possible through the fiber optics as they are less bothered by any potential hindrances. As Fiber optics in the recent times, have been specifically used for good bandwidth coupled with speed, the fiber optic signals can transmit more than 10 GB/sec.

Fiber optics and its profound impact on the Data Center

Fiber optic has completely evolved in today’s scenario and with the ever increasing demand for digitization in an enterprise organization, these enterprises have also equally deployed the data centers, which could scale up to the data transfer rate at 100-Gbits/sec for single based and 40 Gbits/sec for multimode.

Anecdote: The multimode data connectivity is usually deployed for short duration network connectivity and single mode data connection for long distances.

Up-gradation of the data centers matching to the fiber optic connectivity

As mentioned above, with the increasing demand and threshold of higher bandwidth data transfers, many corporate organizations are constantly upgrading their data centers and exploring innovative technologies to substantiate higher-speed architectures. The fiber optics have proven to be playing an instrumental role in the seamless network connectivity’s in the corporate world and digitally empowering them for the future demands.

VRS Tech has been constantly on their edge to empower the numerous corporate entities towards the digital connectivity essentially through the fiber optic cabling systems. Our expert team are, always have been negotiating with the cutting-edge technologies to constantly govern the highest bandwidth data connectivity among the corporate.

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Fiber Optic Cabling transitions as a digital connectivity in enterprises

In the recent times, the fiber optic systems have literally transformed itself as a backbone for numerous companies with reference to their digital communication regime. The fiber optic cable has become quite instrumental in digitally connecting across from the office to the factory, network connectivity across the university campus.

fiber optic cable

fiber optic cable

Optical fiber architecture

Fiber optics have always been considered as a kind of cabling system which generally encapsulates strands of glass fibers within them which are further safeguarded through an insulated casing. In today’s trend, the optic fiber has been specifically and exclusively chosen for long distance digital connectivity and to also accommodate high bandwidth data networking and telecommunication system through PABX interfaces.

Fiber Optics has been found to get their scalability towards handling the data centers, connectivity to internet service providers (ISP) to the local area network (LAN)

Data Centers

Data centers have always been the centers for a database repository of multiple clients stored at one particular place. The data centers, houses the storage of both the voice and data within them and to maintain the high end communication systems between the servers and data centers optic cabling becomes an instrumental component.

In fact, in the recent times, the fiber optic cabling infrastructure has been designed in such way so as to derive the optimal deployment of certain mission critical enterprise network which supports from 1GBps to 1 Tbps network bandwidth.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) connect to the premises

The fiber optic system of cabling has been found very impactful with their connecting link from the internet service provider (ISP) to the central server through the local area network (LAN).

Fiber Optics have been found to be very impactful for larger enterprises

  • Fiber optics had always been to known to accommodate higher bandwidth data transfer as compared to the conventional copper cable with similar thickness. The fiber cables are known to carry the bandwidth at 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps and even to the extent of 100 Gbps which have become the standard connotation.
  • Fiber optics bring about superior data transfer without much interference to certain electromagnetic interferences which certainly hits the copper cable to a significant extent. As an analogy, the physical properties of glass and fiber cables are completely not affected by such interferences.
  • Fiber optics are less prone to go down with their bandwidth so the company does not need to have components for signal boosters.

VRS Tech has been persistently deploying and aligning the fiber optic connectivity to major customers in Dubai, UAE and have digitally empowered them towards accommodating the higher bandwidths which incorporate both the data and voice connectivity.

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Why Fiber Optic Cabling Installation Might Be a Smart Cabling Technique

Fiber optic cabling is a collection of cables containing thousands of optic fibers protected in an insulated case and transmits information in the form of light. Unlike the traditional copper cables, optic fiber cabling is more reliable and provides more bandwidth and lessens the downtime. Although, for decades, copper cabling has been prevalent, fiber optic cabling installation can be more reliable for your business infrastructure.

Fiber optic cabling

Fiber optic cabling

Why fiber optic cabling installation is reliable

Greater bandwidth and more speed

Something beneficial about the fiber optic cable is it has more bandwidth and performs with more speed and for longer distances. It’s exactly the bandwidth that decides how much data is sent or received. If data is to be transmitted to long distances, fiber optic cabling is the right cabling solution.

More reliable than copper

A fiber optic cable is more reliable than copper wire. When plenty of copper wires are placed close by or near certain power sources, the signals might be vulnerable to interference or read by external sources. With the fiber optic cabling solution, there will not be a scope for such a problem. Even with many cables placed near to one another, they can be expected to work well.

Fiber cabling is more flexible

Although fiber optic cables are very thin and delicate to be handled by an average technician, they are stronger when compared to the copper cables. They are water resistant as well and adapt themselves well to any complex geography of a building.

Fiber costs less

Fiber optic cables are economic friendly and so they do not need much investment on their maintenance. In case of damage, the cables need to be spliced together and while the technician is fixing it, there can be much downtime. You can cut down on any hardware with the fiber cabling as opposed to the copper cabling that requires junctions and terminals.

With technology evolving faster, fiber optic cabling is a smarter cabling solution for the business infrastructure with its flexibility, reliability and adaptability.
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