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Data security, backup, recovery, and maintenance must be the utmost priority of an organization to be successful that could be achieved only through proper diagnosis and to achieve so, any organization should need the right source of backup and recovery solutions to their business needs.

However, backup is the only righteous way to retrieve the entire business data, applications, forums, after all the recovery is needed most at times. Undoubtedly, VRS Technologies is reputed for rendering all sorts of Backup and Recovery solutions in one of the world’s largest business market Dubai, UAE for any verticals of enterprise, small/medium/large Businesses.

We serve our prized customers through our productive and pioneering solutions. Our challenging team of experts understand the needs of our clients, detects and delivers complete compound protection that hooks up as an extremely the best security level to protect the private data of your company. We are a complete capable system acts as holding hands to secure your data disasters and recover data.

Well, the finest way of backup and recovery solutions in Dubai, UAE goes here…

Be protective, with our secured measures of Data Storage, Backup and Recovery services.

Disaster Recovery

We, at VRS Technologies, are quick at responding to our clients’ needs and so are equally rapid at providing efficient Data Backup and Recovery Solutions dubai. We are partnered with Buffalo Network Storage providers and Netgear service providers, who are the most prominent in providing devices.

Buffalo Network & Netgear Storage:
Never mind, if you own Small, medium or large enterprise or else just an office room, Data remains with the same importance. We help you to dine with plenty of gated storage needs from Buffalo network of storage enmities, mainly with NAS and iSCSI solutions of storage networks. The entire data storage of Your organization needs could be well maintained with structured Buffalo Storage Network devices which are built with a massive range of protection methods. Dubai, UAE being highly business olic country, our level of distributing Backup and Recovery services are highly recommended.

Netgear Storage :
At VRS Technologies, you can meet the active solutions under affordable budget for your long-term business management. Netgear storage devices are finely originated in protecting and storing data. Other than Netgear, we offer EMC storage services along with Western Digital and Seagate devices depending upon our highly regarded customers.

Recovery Services of VRS Technologies:
A disaster of data is a tough time for an organization. For our renowned clients at Dubai and UAE, we are glad to gain the top priority at recovering data disaster. The plan of action we implement with our methods, process, and software helps us in amplifying extreme support of disaster data recovery, fortification and sometimes repositioning of desired products that can be customized accordingly to the physical and virtual environment.

VRS Technologies as the best stack holder of delivering right products and solutions with cost-effective and as a smart solution provider for any virtual recovery, VRS Technologies always believes in serving best to its customers. As a factor of solutions, we provide services from brands like Buffalo, Acronis, Symantec and from few well-notified brands. Our tie-ups with these across Dubai, UAE are said to bake a lump of services unconditionally.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions:

Backup and recovery solutions

We operate for home, enterprise and kind of organizations. Our exceptional backup solution methods helps the user in avoiding high risks while backing data from sources like laptops, tabs or desktops with minimum costs.

When it comes to Disaster data recovery solutions, we use high ended devices to recover your functional data from system be it related to corruption of file or entire network connecting systems. Mainly IT infrastructures were operated and hence to integrate a good amount of best solutions for IT, we correlate our merchandised work with advanced techniques of recovering data.

VRS Technologies is partnered with BUFFALO, ACRONIS and SYMANTEC.

BUFFALO: Buffalo is our Tier 1 partner. It is one of the prominent and well-established organizations that drive outstanding security measures of data recovery and other NAS services. Buffalo is famed for its solvent measures at top security level in enormous facets.

Salient Features:

  • Always stands first at delivering best security measures for Air station operational software and uncut application/data protection measures for Terastation.
  • At times Buffalo doesn’t require an internet connection to create or setup an account.
  • Able to dispense high level of security with excellent setups of security methods to its customer data. So, the users no need to worry about the disaster happening with their data.
  • Protects data even at remote access through its web accessing credentials.

ACRONIS: Acronis is top-notch security solutions provider with frequent updates and advance protection methods. It implements high security alerts towards anti-spyware, malware, backup and recovery of data as well. Acronis is our VRS Technologies’s Silver partner.


  • Creates a platform that recovers data which helps in building new revenue slots by expanding its services through cloud backup and new techniques.
  • Acronis being a top player in serving recovery and backup solutions to large & corporate enterprises, it helps in availing prior plans or models of business without zero-cost i.e a mode of providing sample plans.
  • Users can experience reinforced services for their business development forever.
  • Takes responsible for providing great storage management services for medium, small or large enterprises, corporates and organisations. Provides simplifying methods of data recovery and backup plans.

SYMANTEC: Symantec is one of our silver partners. Stretches its hands to provide security & threat management solutions to corporates and also delivers handful of protection methods for VMware applications.

Key Features:

  • Able to detect strong threats and block the threats with new advanced & prominent security measures. Rapid response in attacking the malware.
  • Data center security, VMware NSX and the other third-party security solutions are cohesively integrated with Symantec.
  • Uses machine control methods for data center tools for new operations.
  • Acts as fencing to block threats with intelligent security measures.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Software:

The software provided by us, VRS Technologies for data backup and disaster recovery offers an elegant response to users. The software is rich in functioning and protecting data. The insights of recovering data with advanced means of technology leave the user tension free and always maintains an upper hand in securing the data connecting respective organizations.

As a part of VRS Technologies operations, we provide advanced services…

  • Structure and Fiber Optic Cabling
  • CCTV and DVR Service
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Cyber Security
  • Technology Consulting Services
  • Data Recovery Services

So, to boost up your organizations with great functionality and to be always responsive, it’s worth to try our VRS Technologies Data Backup and Recovery Solutions & services in Dubai, UAE. Contact us through Ph No: +971567029840 or at

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